01-02-14 04:17 AM
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  1. Omnitech's Avatar
    If you are going to argue, it helps if you don't make obviously false statements.

    If you'd care to make a CONCISE example where you think I made some "obvious intentional false statement", then please do so. I have limited time to wade through WOT posts.

    If Once again, my arguments have only ever discussed ILLEGITIMATE reviews, and I challenge to to show where I said that MOST bad reviews are bogus?

    Your decision to focus exclusively on, as I previously put it "cherry picked" examples, leaves the reader with exactly that impression, yep.

    And once again, your choice to start off your initial post talking about the "sheer idiocy" of posters here also does NOT reflect well on you in a general sense. Please don't start initial posts in a discussion like that and then turn around and play the victim card, it's not flattering.

    Personally I don't care WHERE else you have waved your flag-du-jour, we are having a discussion HERE. I don't have a habit of going around telling people they should agree with me simply because I've made 6500 posts on this board, I expect my own and everyone else's argument to stand or fail on its merits or flaws.

    I discussed a specific scenario, that of intentionally malicious, provably untrue reviews.

    If all those parameters are so inarguably true as you imply, I honestly have no idea why any reasonable human would disagree with you.

    The problem is that you have already set all the parameters as if those facts are uncontestable simply because you say so. If it were so simple that it were obvious to any human when a review was a blatant lie, there would be no reason to be having debates about such things or developing complex review systems with checks and balances.

    But the simple fact is, many of these characteristics are subjective judgement calls. Which is why a better review system will take this into account, rather than relying on "faith" which of course, means lots of different things to different people on different sides of the same issue.

    I believe developers should have a recourse in these cases to avoid the unfair damage to reputation and revenue these cause. You believe developers should just suck it up and bear the losses without recourse. We will never agree on this.

    And once again you are wrong. If it were so simple and obvious that the reviews in question were "intentionally malicious, provably untrue", there would be no reason on this green earth for someone to disagree that they are unfair reviews, unless they are some kind of a malicious troublemaker of some kind.

    I have no issue whatsoever with that general concept - I do have an issue with your sweeping generalizations and assumption of guilt until proven innocent, however.

    As for this being my "only" post... in this thread perhaps, but I have been here since February and have participated in hundreds of conversations, both as a developer and a user.

    See above.

    By the way, regarding "shill" reviews... they are not just bad for users, but hurt other developers too. It may surprise you to know....

    And once again you come off with this "appeal to authority" sort of argument that implies that anyone but you is ignorant of some very obvious things.

    No I would not be "surprised to know", so please spare me this sort of preface, OK?

    Whenever there is profit at stake there will be people attempting to game the system in their favor. Moving on now...

    ...that BlackBerry investigates and removes these when discovered, and although they refuse to disclose specific enforcement actions taken, offenders are sanctioned and sometimes banned. Users, developers, and BlackBerry all have a mutual interest in eliminating shills. Are you aware that ....

    And here you go again. Yes I am aware. Enough of the patronizing angle, k?

    ...there are paid shill providers out there who will post hundreds of glowing iOS or Android reviews for a fee? This is unfortunately fairly prevalent and is far more likely to unethically skew an app's rating than allowing BlackBerry devs to remove unflattering reviews. Why aren't you speaking out about this?

    The reason I am "not speaking about it" is because that is not the subject of this discussion.

    Shall I ask you now about why you don't speak about your "domestic violence problems" ITT? See how that works?

    I have said what I have to say and I'll leave this argument to you and the others here. I would just ask that you stop claiming I have said things I haven't, and address my actual comments instead.

    ALERT: Victim card played
    12-30-13 11:43 PM
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    I'm hoping that the whole "domestic-thingy" issue has a point other than just satisfying the urge to be spiteful and childish. I was actually enjoying the debate as it was before that comment. You both made very intelligent observations and statements until the "domestic" comment sent it careening into a downward spiral.

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-14 08:36 AM
  3. 20degrees's Avatar
    This is total opposite on android. You should be able to write and leave your experience.

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    01-01-14 08:41 AM
  4. Omnitech's Avatar
    I'm hoping that the whole "domestic-thingy" issue has a point other than just satisfying the urge to be spiteful and childish. I was actually enjoying the debate as it was before that comment. You both made very intelligent observations and statements until the "domestic" comment sent it careening into a downward spiral.

    The reason I made that comment was that he threw in a red-herring - something that had nothing to do with the discussion - and then challenged me why I "wasn't speaking out about it".

    It was an unfair debate tactic, which I demonstrated with a similiar example.
    01-02-14 04:17 AM
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