1. simonbarnes's Avatar
    Hi ... Help Please
    I bought this app for my kids Z10's to save the arguments when the phone bill comes in about how they can run so far over on their data allowance!!!
    Can anyone help me re-set (zero) the 'Cellular data Information' on this App? I just cant figure how to do it.
    01-18-14 06:47 AM
  2. ESCON's Avatar
    Settings (Swipe down inside the app)
    01-18-14 07:09 AM
  3. simonbarnes's Avatar
    Settings (Swipe down inside the app)
    Done that (and tried every option there) but it doesn't reset the stats/info/home screen to zero for the cell data usage.
    The wi-fi reset works fine, its the cell data that I cant re-set to zero
    01-18-14 07:16 AM
  4. QtHelex's Avatar
    I don't have this app but a reboot may help? (just a idea)
    01-18-14 12:30 PM
  5. simonbarnes's Avatar
    There support has just emailed me .... they are adding a manual reset for cell data as an update, should be available within the next 24 hours they say.
    01-21-14 10:26 AM

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