02-19-14 04:18 PM
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  1. farskija's Avatar
    it's funny that you mention it because no, Evernote does not have those capabilities (as far as i know) and i just really input the numbers as i get to them daily and add the totals for each month. I've been wanting to make an excel sheet with the math equations already in there all i gotta do is add the mileage for the day of the month. And with that shortcut app on BB10, i can make a shortcut of the .xml file on my homepage of apps and keep updating it that way. I only started recording mileage this year. Other than that, I don't know of an app that records mileage specifically but I'll be checking for it. But this .xml file with equations would probably be the best bet, unless there's an app that does it super well. If you want a .xml like this let me know and I can pass you my template.
    I would appreciate the .xml file if you get time to make one. Thanks...
    02-19-14 09:08 AM
  2. extisis's Avatar
    I would appreciate the .xml file if you get time to make one. Thanks...
    i'll be working on it and let you know. i'll even try to have side equations in there with modifiable variables for payment per mile. Jobs here in the U.S., depending, will pay you per mile (my job will pay me $0.30 per mile). So i'll try and add that equation in there as well. For anyone else wanting this .xml just PM me. I'll subscribe to this thread so i can post it here later.
    02-19-14 04:18 PM
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