1. tahabashir1991's Avatar
    Remember app is the best app that I have to organise and memo things... but I want it to take it one step ahead... as new folder appear as booklet that's nice... add the ability in this booklet to organise pics in beautiful way... let's say my father has birthday and I have captured all photos and I want them not to mix with all others pic so make a folder with daddy's birthday in which I can assign all those photos and they should aligned in beautifully appealing way.... I think that would be awesome in this way remember app will also be act as to remember and organise events what you say ?
    01-03-14 06:47 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You might already know this. You can put all "birthday" (other event) photos into ONE Folder (Dad Birthday) and then they will be an ALBUM in the photo viewing app.
    01-03-14 08:44 PM
  3. tahabashir1991's Avatar
    Yes I know that... but in remember we can tag the content to search for next time

    Posted via CB10
    01-03-14 09:27 PM

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