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    I have just come to the conclusion that the Remember app on my Z30 running, is currently broken.

    I am unable to share photos or voice notes with the Remember app. When I select the Remember app, I get the card that shows everything as normal, except for the fact that I am unable to file the new entry in any of my notes or tasks. The list option is 'Unfiled' and is greyed out and does not recognize touch input. After making a number of changes to the entry, I hit the save button. The card goes away, that's it. No error or anything.

    Now if I go into the Remember app, there is no sign of the entry. I have tried adding tags to the entries in hopes of finding it that way. No luck! As this app appears to be installed with an OS. I was wondering what I can do to try to fix this? I am unable to delete the app. So I am curious what my options are.

    I haven't been using the app regularly and I guess the reason is because it is actually broken on my phone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    04-22-15 05:46 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Can you do it to local folders?
    04-22-15 06:07 PM
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    I tried working with BlackBerry Tech Support on this, and their answer to me (a month ago) was to manually copy everything from my notes, undergo a long selective-backup-and-restore procedure (omitting Remember data) and PASTE EVERYTHING BACK INTO NEW NOTES!

    This is in short a known problem with Remember and there really is only one thing I tried that is reasonably convenient and works:

    You have to purchase the software called "Backup Pro" by File Chest Software from BlackBerry World, then use it to backup ONLY your "Remember" data to the Cloud (Box and Dropbox both work) and then RESTORE from the Cloud, choosing to "Overwrite Device Data" or "Delete Device Data" when restoring. (Note: Backup Pro offers encrypted and unencrypted backup: if you do an unencrypted backup, it is a JSON file that if you know anything about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) you can actually see your data and possibly interact with it before you restore, but you must be careful and knowledgeable!

    That fixed my problems with what I can only call "data corruption" so that I could properly use categories (and so that when I enter a note and forget to choose a category, the note is saved: when I would enter a Note in Remember, and if I didn't choose a category, IT JUST THREW MY NOTE AWAY).

    It is appalling that BlackBerry would not rush a fix for this: the Remember app is used by lots of BlackBerry users to keep very important personal information at hand, and data loss or corruption like this is inexcusable, and their inaction on issuing a fix or publishing an app that can repair your Remember data "in situ" is embarrassing for a company that professes to be targeting "professionals" as their customers.

    I hope this helps: it will cost you a few bucks for the Backup Pro app, but it's worth the cost in terms of sparing you frustration... and you'll have the use of an excellent backup that far exceeds the capabilities of BlackBerry Link in terms of control over what you backup / restore.

    Good luck.
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    04-23-15 09:03 AM

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