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    It's all have Built For BlackBerry certificated.

    Mommy's Lullaby - 60 soothing lullabies for children and adults

    Help your baby to fall asleep quickly?
    Your kids will never cry at night with beautiful sleep music. Soothing songs will relax you and your kids.

    A lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung to young children before they go to sleep, with the intention of speeding that process. As a result they are often simple and repetitive. Lullabies can be found in every culture and since the ancient period.

    - 60 most soothing lullabies.
    - Timer to auto stop the melody.
    - Cute UI suitable for your child (10 theme).

    BB World Link: Mommy's Lullaby - BlackBerry World

    QR Code:


    Nature Sound Therapy - The best nature sounds for BlackBerrry

    "Nature Sound Therapy" is best application for relaxation, rest, and therapy. It will help you while doing yoga exercises, sport workout, easy sleeping, focus in studying, or singing lullaby for your baby.

    - Very intuitive UI.
    - Can set timer from 10 min to 8 hours.

    - Included 3 collections:
    . Forest sound: contains professionally recorded 9 high end forest sounds. With the help of "Forest sound" you can walk on forest paths anytime you want.
    . Ocean sound: contains professionally recorded 9 high end ocean sounds. With the help of "Ocean sound" you can dive in the sea world anytime you want.
    . Rain sound: contains professionally recorded 9 high end rain sounds. With the help of "Rain sound" you can listen to the music of rain anytime you want.

    If you listen to our apps for 10-15 minutes one hour before you go to bed, you will sleep soundly all night long.

    Our sound therapy apps have a subconscious influence on your brain that`s why you will start to feel joy and happiness.

    Psychological research shows that nature sounds and calm music reduce the negative effects of depression by 20-25 %.


    BlackBerry Link: Nature Sound Therapy - BlackBerry World

    QR Code:

    Relax Music To Sleep - Peaceful & soothing melody to sleep or relax

    - No other senses, have the impact of sound. What you hear can change your life. The way you sleep, wake up and think. Change what you listen to and notice a change in everything else.

    Relax Music To Sleep (aka Music to relax): What is it good for?

    Obviously: To relax and sleep assistance.

    Peaceful and soothing music can reduce one's heartbeat and breath rate, reduce blood pressure and release endorphins to the body.
    All that can be beneficial to the human body.

    Some relaxation music can also work well as 'Sleep Music', helping to slow down before you go to bed.
    Slow music can also increase peace in our lives in general.

    Over time, I found out that people are using slow and soothing music for various purposes.
    - Some simply like to slow down, unwind or relax.
    - Some look for background music for activities such as yoga or meditation, or for music while working or being creative.
    - Some like to listen to music while learning, studying or doing their homework.

    Personally I prefer to have a quiet environment while doing mental work.
    But everybody is different, and it seams that, with the right soundtrack, some can get into their zone and focus on their task better.
    Soothing music without vocals should be the winner over activating, and therefore rather distracting, pop music in this context.

    Link: Relax Music To Sleep - BlackBerry World

    QR Code:


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    01-24-14 11:44 AM
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    Nice app for my stretching and tai chi early in the mornings. Thanks
    01-24-14 12:29 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Good luck with these apps and thanks for supporting bb10.
    01-24-14 03:51 PM
  4. vilaysoukm's Avatar
    I just bought this app. I really like it but there is no shuffle button on this application.

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 10:53 PM
  5. JackiePTL's Avatar
    Love the nature sound, keep the good work.
    02-04-14 10:36 AM

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