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    I'm new to the BB os, and I really like the idea of customized led colors for notifications. I've downloaded 3-4 apps, and they vary in how straight forward they are to set up. The default behavior of the z30 is to turn off the notification led as soon as I click on the hub, but I've noticed that once a notification set up in one of the led apps comes on, it doesn't go off until I click on the actual item for which the notification is set,and often it's just an email I don't want to actually click on to read or delete just yet. Are there any apps that have the default behavior and will turn off as soon as I click on the hub? I had uninstalled and restarted my phone between trying each one to make sure there was not a conflict. Thanks in advance.
    09-11-14 08:30 PM
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    Which apps have you downloaded? Both hub++ and bebuzz pro does this?

    Moving you to bb10 apps

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    09-11-14 08:33 PM
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    Thanks! Sorry for putting it in the wrong place. That means I searched the wrong forum before posting too.

    I downloaded
    Color LED Notification Manager by XReve
    Color ID LED by Motek Mobile
    PowerTools by Toysoft Development Inc

    and I thought there was one more but I don't remember.

    Also, what does it mean when it says an app is "headless"?
    09-11-14 09:18 PM
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    A headless app can run in the background. There are 3 states. The app is full screen and the only app visible. It can be an active frame, one of the reduced apps that you see on your home screen when you swipe it upward but leave it showing (or off the screen but you can scroll and find it). Not every app in an active frame might be running or multi-tasking - the behavior is determined by the developer. Or is can be headless, meaning that it is still running but there's no visible evidence - no active frame.
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    09-11-14 11:06 PM

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