05-14-19 01:54 AM
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    Hey, unfortunately I didn't find time to work on BEOL recently. However, while testing I found a release of chromium to work particularly well on my passport. It's a chromium 69 release, which is the last major release compatible with Android 4.3 - in comparison the engine BEOL uses (chromium 53) is relatively old, which is also why I found chromium 69 to be pretty fast, even faster than BEOL. Here's the download link of the develop build: https://www.googleapis.com/download/...8968&alt=media

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    What's the difference between these two files?

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    05-14-19 12:57 AM
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    ChromePublic is the normal chromium, ContentShell is a highly abstracted version which just has a url bar and the actual website view (would make a great base for a beol2)

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    05-14-19 01:54 AM
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