View Poll Results: Do you think that contacting developers has an effect on their decision to support BB10?

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  1. pcondello's Avatar
    So a while back I created a thread with a spreadsheet with contact info for all the developers who are still holding out on Blackberry 10. I have received responses ranging from no response at all, to no plans at all to support BB10, to we'll "wait-and-see" how BB10 takes, to we're actively working on it.

    I've also got feedback from forum members ranging from thanks this is a great effort, to you're wasting your time with this silly exercise. While I personally disagree, I've been given the argument that only hard sales numbers will sway developers who still believe BB10 is not worth investing time and money in.

    I'd like to know what people think, does emailing/tweeting/voting actually have an effect? Do the emails that get responses like "We'll forward your request to the appropriate personnel" actually go get forwarded to anyone? Do CEO's of mobile software development companies actually tally up these kinds of requests?

    This is the thread I'm referring to:
    07-12-13 07:10 AM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    Anyone in a customer driven business who doesn't take into account the sentiments and taste of their customers is making a mistake. I've contacted several app developers to ask about future support for BlackBerry 10 and much like the OP the answers have ranged from 'we'll get back to you on that' to 'no, we're an iOS/Android shop only', to 'we're working on that now'. I've made sure to also thank everyone who replies to me, whether they're supporting the platform or not, to at least give some kind of positive feedback for communication.

    The more we as users reach out to ask for the tools we want for our platform, the more BlackBerry 10 has the potential to gain a piece of a developer's mindshare. If I were a developer and the bulk of my unique support requests or Tweets were for supporting BlackBerry 10 as opposed to fixing x or y on the iOS or Android version, then I know I'd think more about it or at least do the due diligence to see what building for the platform entailed; after all some devs were probably burned by the cumbersome process of building BBOS apps.
    07-12-13 07:26 AM

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