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    Has anyone any idea of the Plagiarisma Checker App.

    I had a reply from the owners weeks ago, concerning their phone app and their servers not recognising their users.

    I mentioned about them on our BlackBerry Community Support Forum, with not a very good report, then they made contact, I changed my statement I told them about. Now they back to ignoring users.

    This app is supposed to help teachers, students and any who would like their written work to have originality, as am studying a online uni course. While on the move, I can check my work.

    When I mean their server concerning the application won't recognise me and I do have an account with them; please see images below:

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_202908.png

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_202947.png

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_203004.png

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_203039.png

    My account on the PC

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_203149.jpg

    Plagiarisma Not Corresponding-img_20140628_203218.jpg

    06-29-14 07:24 AM
  2. PowderJockey's Avatar
    Never heard of the app and goes to show you, "there's app for that". It sounds like a good app for those writing documents for university or high school course.
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    06-29-14 12:34 PM
  3. jtv1's Avatar
    It could be more powerful than it is and sounds, if they didn't give a reply every so often.
    I think with one of my apps, I even found out it came from Spain, so I used my translator to reply, and nope, no reply when they beg Ya to ask for support.
    If ever, say no more

    06-29-14 09:04 PM
  4. jtv1's Avatar
    Today, I had to contact BlackBerry and make them aware of developers, regardless of how good their applications are or not, they need to correspond with the community that uses or purchases, their items.

    Some of these items are detrimental to the success and future of the user, who has taken their time to buy or sign into a contract to use devices and any additional entity that can be possibly used with the device.

    As I mentioned in particular, with my love for BlackBerry and the joy this and other devices I have used from BlackBerry. I am not one to suffer those who use BlackBerry just to make a buck, dollar, pound, yen and so forth and cut and run, and no matter what cave they decide to hide in.

    Their ties to the good name of BlackBerry and any other device, will be severed.

    I am not partial, of the little knowledge I have or how small or large my status is, this is not just for me, but for also my children, family, friends and stranger that are here now and in the coming future, should have the right to have items allowed or purchased, to be fixed or removed, by the means of a simple contact and correspondence.

    For those who are not bothered or cannot be bothered, stay not bothered, as it should have no bearing on what should take place.

    I already communicate, and I pay for more means of communication and expect correspondence.

    Be very aware for those who wish to be aware and be dumb for those who wish to be dumb.

    I will continue to pursue for my needs and for others.

    07-12-14 07:17 PM

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