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    I keep hearing that the PGA Tour app is supposed to come to the OS 10 BlackBerry World? Anybody have an idea when??

    I am not talking about side loading or going to the website using the browser, I talking about an app like our competitors already have. Are they going to wait until the season is over before we get it?

    All my friends have Android and Apple IOS and have downloaded the PGA Tour and the Masters apps and have live feed features and updates. Here I set with my beautiful z10 and I feel like I am back in the stone age, this is 2013 and the core apps our competitors already have should be here.????

    PS: I love my new z10 and I am staying with Blackberry, but it's almost like having a beautiful new ferrari with accessories from a old ford.

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    04-14-13 03:48 AM
  2. bennett22's Avatar
    hey ron,i hit up the pga tour on twitter last night,and they responded with a release date of sometime in may.
    04-16-13 11:41 AM

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