1. AtInsider's Avatar
    Found this online, Sign the Petition and lets get things ROLLING.
    Starbucks App for BlackBerry 10 Devices.
    Petition Starbucks App for BlackBerry 10 Devices.

    I also posted this on my Temp Blog:
    BlackBerry 10 - Recipe On How To Attract Android And iOS Users
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    02-03-13 12:25 AM
  2. KatKatKatina's Avatar
    I'm a Starbucks-holic and I use the app on my iphone every single time I go there. I only carry my keys and phone into the store and it keeps track of past purchases, star rewards, nearby locations, and lets me reload my balance remotely. It's awesome!
    02-03-13 12:34 AM
  3. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Omg seriously when I had an android for a second I used this. Its nice because sometimes I rush to the store and forget my wallet. (Its ok if I get pulled over by the cops annd they ask for Id when I don't got a wallet I'll just say, "go walk back to your little car and go on your little computer or use your little walkie talkie to look me up...") Any ways thanks for posting this as I love this app
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    02-03-13 02:58 AM
  4. sarahrich's Avatar
    Signed it, its needed!
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    02-03-13 09:22 AM
  5. neteng1000's Avatar
    Did Starbucks claim that they were not interested in creating one? It may be on its way for all we know.
    02-03-13 09:32 AM
  6. mufc1's Avatar
    Has anyone tried to port the android version? Im not very tech savvy but from what I read I assume that this sort of app would be easier to port than say temple run which is coded in native android SDK
    02-03-13 11:35 AM
  7. nt300's Avatar
    Starbucks had one for BlackBerry but foolishly pulled support sometime in early 2012.
    02-04-13 12:03 AM
  8. nataliefc's Avatar
    I just signed it, I really hope that they can make Starbucks app for Canadians
    02-04-13 12:46 AM
  9. AtInsider's Avatar
    Everybody, Also if you all like copy and paste the starbucks petition link in other forums, blogs, etc., to give it more exposure.
    02-10-13 09:54 PM
  10. skwarek's Avatar
    I really don't like Starbuck , but I'll sign it anyways just to have the app.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
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    02-10-13 10:35 PM
  11. slade632's Avatar
    i came here looking for some info on the starbucks app... so i signed this right away. good find
    02-10-13 11:31 PM
  12. AfroZepher's Avatar
    Port To BlackBerry 10 . . .if you don't mind bugging your followers on twitter . . .lol
    02-11-13 12:08 AM
  13. joski's Avatar
    I signed this. There's no reason why Starbucks shouldn't have this developed, even if they did pull out of legacy BlackBerry support. This is--and I'm going to make an Aladdin reference here--A WHOLE NEW WORLD!
    02-11-13 08:41 AM
  14. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Sometimes (once maybe twice, ever) I had one of them baristas tell me to scan my bb. I tipped email 2$ and change cuz I was flattered. PLUS they hardly ever get tips when u got the gold Card. So why not.
    02-11-13 03:13 PM
  15. SummersLastNight's Avatar
    I didn't use the old Starbucks app and doubt I'd use the new one, but I do understand the importance of having company's creating and supporting our platform, so i have signed.
    02-12-13 01:59 AM
  16. rflan7's Avatar
    I would love to see a Starbucks app, use it all the time on my Android work phone.

    However, I think the chances of getting a Starbucks app in the UK are slim at best!
    02-12-13 04:27 AM
  17. eninrebmun's Avatar
    Maybe this needs a bump.
    Also: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...p-idea-787493/ posted today.

    Starbucks really does read this and many ideas from here have been implemented. Also using their webform to suggest it can't hurt. I get along fine with a screenshot from my app, but it would be handy to check free drink status and find stores when out of town.

    edit: http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ape...t?s=blackberry (the link from the link I posted above)
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    03-27-13 07:09 PM
  18. BJKinTO's Avatar
    Starbucks definitely needs a nudge! Go to their Starbucks idea forum and help push them along please! The more they hear from us the more likely they will respond and act!

    My Starbucks Idea
    05-11-13 06:12 PM
  19. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    Suggestion - get a friend with an iphone or an android phone to install the app, and temporarily put your account details on it (make sure its a good friend, and make sure you delete it out after eh ) . Bring up the bar code screen that is used for payment, and screen shot it, then transfer this picture over to your Blackberry.

    I've done this for both my starbucks card and my tesco clubcard in the UK, although I used my own old iPhone, and both work just fine. Gives you probably 90% of what you want IMHO. If you really want to be flash, you can even use shortcutme and nfc to launch the pic directly, but honestly, just call it starbucks.jpg or tesco.jpg and universal search will pull it up every time.

    I go in starbucks with keys and phone this way - trust me it does work.
    05-11-13 06:52 PM

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