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    So for all you fuelband band users and nikefuel abusers. We all know Nike caters for the iphone. The fuelband is a great device but with out your help we won't ever be able to enjoy on the go synchronized data. It has proven that Nike does reply to its fans and notifies developers for apps. They have developer for the Nike running app for blackberry but there's not enough push to bring it. So the plan is simple! Everyone email Nike!

    I have the link and all you have to do is explain how you love your phone and the fuelband or the fuel points and you don't want to change phones. When you get a reply post it so we can all read it!


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    12-20-13 08:52 PM
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    As much as I would love a Nike fuelband app for my Z10, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
    They don't even have an android app, and that is a much bigger target for them.

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    12-21-13 02:04 AM
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    Hi Youssef,

    My name is Karl and I will be happy to discuss the FuelBand SE's compatibility with Blackberry with you. I can definitely understand wanting to use it with your phone!

    At present, we are not currently developing a Blackberry companion app for the first generation Nike+ FuelBand or FuelBand SE. Although there isn't a version of the optional FuelBand companion app that's compatible with your phone, you do have the ability to utilize the FuelBand via the Nike+ Connect software and on the nikeplus.com website.

    !!!! READ THIS PART!!!! I'm going to share your concerns with the rest of the Nike+ Team to let them know that this is something you'd be interested in seeing!!!!!!!. If you have any other questions, concerns or additional comments Youssef, don't hesitate to include them in a reply to this e-mail. We're here to help!

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    12-21-13 06:56 AM
  4. Youssef's Avatar
    Hello Youssef,

    As an avid FuelBand user myself, I can completely understand the desire to have the ability to track your daily activity on the go with a mobile application and I understand the frustration with there currently not being a platform for the Blackberry device, and I am more than happy to help you out with this today.

    I would like to first thank you for contacting us today, and letting me know of the currently situation. We definitely understand the a large percentage of our consumers have Android, Windows and Blackberry devices that currently do not have a companion application for the FuelBand & FuelBand SE, and we are working diligently to correct this.

    Originally the Android platform was being created but was unable to be completed when the release of JellyBean on the Android device. This made the application incompatible with the device and would no longer function. Since then we have not been able to release a app for the Android. For this reason, and many others such as the large number of platforms that are issued through Android.

    Apple, who we are affiliated with has but one operating system iOS this helps with matching updates to there system. When they release an update we are able to shortly match to help wit functionality.

    Windows and Blackberry is definitely something that we would love to break into, but have not received any additional information from our development staff on the subject.

    What I would like to do today is issue this information down as feedback and present it to my development staff. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is in hopes that the more consumer feedback we receive on the issue, will help drive the developers to see the large amount of consumers that wish to have a companion application on their device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with as well, Youssef.

    Keep active and make it count!


    Nike+ Team

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    12-21-13 09:22 PM
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    Sounds promising! Good job man!

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    12-21-13 09:31 PM
  6. Youssef's Avatar
    Sounds promising! Good job man!

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    Please email them. They need more feed back!

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    12-21-13 09:40 PM
  7. Youssef's Avatar
    No support?

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    12-25-13 08:43 PM
  8. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    Well I submitted one so we'll see what happens.

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    12-25-13 08:50 PM
  9. Youssef's Avatar

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    12-26-13 10:02 PM
  10. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    Well this is what I got.

    Hey Jamie,

    Great to see you've chosen Nike+ as your training partner. The Nike+ FuelBand SE is a great tool to track and improve our all day activity. I understand that you'd like to know more about the FuelBand and I'm here to help so let's see what I can do.

    Nike don't have any plans to release a FuelBand App for the Blackberry. You can still use the FuelBand and sync your activity to your Nike+ account through the Nike+ Connect software on your computer.

    I can take your comment as feedback and pass them on to your developers if you wish.

    Jamie, I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions or comments, please, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'm here to help.

    Kind Regards,

    Nike+ Support

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    12-26-13 10:07 PM
  11. eldricho's Avatar
    Awaiting a reply still

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    12-26-13 10:10 PM
  12. brunolovesbrit's Avatar
    I emailed them last week and they replied to me saying more or less the same things.
    Glad to see they're listening.

    We should do this with all the apps we want!

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    12-27-13 12:59 AM
  13. Youssef's Avatar
    I email them almost every day lol

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    01-01-14 02:10 AM
  14. Youssef's Avatar
    Don't forget to post what they say. Just copy and past.

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    01-03-14 10:18 PM
  15. steve4nj's Avatar
    I want one of these fuelbands so I will email them as well
    02-22-14 02:31 PM

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