1. MichaelBu's Avatar
    For those ones out there who need to make the German naturalization test I created an app that helps during training:

    App Name: German Naturalization Test
    The App contains all 300 multiple choice questions and all state specific questions. It counts your right answers and shows your progress in a leanring state. The app runs on all BB10 phones, does not require a network connection and does not collect any personal data. It is written in C and QML. The Question catalog is in German only because that is what you need to learn.
    The app UI supports German, Englich, Italian, Turkish and Russian.

    Link to App: Link to App

    Naturalization test for Germany on BB10-img_20131119_114253.png Naturalization test for Germany on BB10-img_20131204_112804.png

    Price: Free trial, Questions need to be purchased $1.99

    Any comments are welcome
    01-22-14 12:02 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Very cool, and thanks for your work, as well as sharing it with CrackBerry!
    01-22-14 10:26 PM
  3. MichaelBu's Avatar
    I am proud to announce that the the German naturalization test was appooved by the Build for Blackberry qualification team.
    It took some slight improvments but was OK in the second trial. Thanks to all who downloaded it so far. See you,

    01-31-14 01:56 PM

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