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  1. QtHelex's Avatar
    Hello Everybody!

    I need a name for my newest baby!

    I'm working since a few months on a brand new App for BlackBerry 10.

    It's made for enigma2 based receivers like those from DreamBox, but also vu+ and similar and it provides a offline EGP and Timer programming solution which you can use while on the go and sync afterwards the programmed timers when you arrive at home.
    I'm currently using the prototype to check what I would like to record while commuting to work and home and it's so far working pretty promising. A initial release is scheduled for this year, let's see if I'm able to make it before Christmas.

    I've published already a remote control app called DreamRemote which you can use to control your box using your BlackBerry via Wifi. But I'm already not sure if it's the best choice for a name for this app, since it doesn't represent pretty well that it is also compatible with other receivers which are made based on the same software technology, called Enigma2.

    So I have currently the hard task to think about a good name for this project. The currently temporary name is: "DreamTimer" - but that must not be the final name for the app.

    I'm searching here now for a good name. All suggestions are warmly welcome!
    Govind Sirvi likes this.
    11-28-17 03:58 AM
  2. QtHelex's Avatar
    And here a few preview screenshots: (german texts since the content of my EGP is german)

    Name Voting for new App for Enigma2 based receivers (Dreambox, vu+ or similar)-img_20171128_103448.jpg

    Name Voting for new App for Enigma2 based receivers (Dreambox, vu+ or similar)-img_20171128_103506.jpg

    Name Voting for new App for Enigma2 based receivers (Dreambox, vu+ or similar)-img_20171128_103521.jpg

    Name Voting for new App for Enigma2 based receivers (Dreambox, vu+ or similar)-img_20171128_103427.jpg
    11-28-17 04:04 AM

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