1. vorpike's Avatar
    A huge problem with BB is that the music play throws all your songs together regardless of their folders...which is extremely annoying (it means only having one playlist on my entire phone). Seriously, how hard is it to include a simple convenience that even the oldest ancestors of mp3 players had. Anyways, is there a bb or android app that would use playlists on bb?
    06-06-14 10:09 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Copy and paste your folders to your SD card. I actually created each and every playlist for each and every folder I have. About 900. Takes about 10 minutes or so using my app, but other apps can do it fairly quick.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
    06-06-14 10:31 PM
  3. Sonic-NKT's Avatar
    I really like the native music player. It gets all the info out of the media and sorts them into artists, albums and genres. Which is exactly like my folder structure Also allows you to easily create your own playlists...
    But well everyone sorts their media in a different way

    Posted via CB10
    06-07-14 10:21 AM
  4. vinniesworld's Avatar
    I have created playlists from the native music player fine. The issue is not so much throwing the music everywhere it's the way the MP3's have been tagged which often means they are not linked to the same album they are part of.
    As far as I know the BlackBerry will recognise playlists created through Windows Media Player and most likely others also so you can also create the playlists first then just load on to the BlackBerry.

    I normally pop music albums in to a folder that I want to transfer to my BlackBerry, create the playlists for those Albums then transfer to my BlackBerry without a hitch.
    So the BlackBerry 'Music' folder contains my playlists and my Album Folders.
    06-07-14 10:30 AM

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