1. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    I know that Whatsapp claims that the end of the year is the end of the line for BB10 and Whatsapp, but it would be nice to get the last few months out of the app. Problem is that when I follow the instructions:

    1) backup conversations on Z10.
    2) move the backup to the same location on the Z30
    3) install Whatsapp on Z30
    4) during startup, Whatsapp will ask if you want to restore from the backup

    Problem is that it never asks to restore. Any ideas? Please don't tell me to switch to BBM, that isn't a viable solution for my situation.
    07-30-17 12:50 AM
  2. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    OK, so I tried another trick. I ran a selective backup of my Z10 (just Whatsapp data) and did a restore of that same data to the Z30. All the conversations come over, but at the bottom of each chat it says I can no longer use that chat as my phone is unsupported.

    So, I can bring over the data, the question is how to convince Whatsapp that it is the same account. Clearly it knows that as I have entered the same phone number and it lets me setup a new version of Whatsapp (the latest on BBW).
    07-30-17 12:10 PM

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