1. Pulkist's Avatar
    Tonnes of new features.
    Check out BlackBerry Beta.

    *flies away*

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-14 12:17 PM
  2. Pulkist's Avatar
    Screen shot
    Mockit! V (Beta 2) released-img_00000260.png

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-14 12:18 PM
  3. 93Aero's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up! Checked and it is indeed there.
    Awesome you can use your own Memes now as well as a host of other request answered.

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-14 01:06 PM
  4. KarlosSpicyWienr's Avatar
    Mockit! V (Beta 2) released-mockit_07012014132441.jpg
    And so it begins.
    01-07-14 02:26 PM
  5. russmov's Avatar
    I love being able to use my own pictures. this really is an awesome app!
    01-07-14 02:44 PM
  6. Pulkist's Avatar
    Oh yesss.
    So much of winning.

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-14 04:00 PM
  7. knighty2112's Avatar
    Mockit! V (Beta 2) released-mockit_07012014222101.jpg

    Whoosh! ? Z10 in action! ?
    01-07-14 04:21 PM
  8. ryanhind's Avatar
    I have a problem with the download. It says "file not found"

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-14 07:59 PM

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