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    This satnav app has to be the most useless app on the market. It has frozen on EVERY journey I have used it on and the only way to get it to restart is to reboot the phone. Obviously you can't do this while driving and when I looked at the app store, many others had commented the same - but then these comments disappeared (including mine).

    A satnav which has to be restarted regularly while driving is obviously not safe but the developers don't seem to be rushing to fix it.

    Simply not good enough.
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    05-03-13 06:35 AM
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    Are you using the free trial or the full paid version? I had that issue until I downloaded the paid version. It hasn't frozen since then.

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    05-03-13 06:59 AM
  3. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    I'm using the paid version. It's totally unuseable.

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    05-03-13 12:30 PM
  4. canuckvoip's Avatar
    That is unfortunate. I was ready to purchase a good offline nav system but could not get Mireo to work at all in landscape. The screen just went nuts. Now it won't let me trial it again because the "trial time has expired".
    05-03-13 04:06 PM
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    Swipe up, hold down the 'X' to force close and clear cache, and restart the app.. This generally fixes most freezes on the with Mireo.. Make sure you hold the 'X' until the icon disappears otherwise BB10 just caches the app and you get the same stuck app state when you re-run..

    It's actually a pretty reasonable app for me.. I got it to totally freeze once because I started it up in the parking garage in the airport and it couldn't get a GPS fix and still couldn't after 20 minutes on the highway, and neither could any of my other GPS apps (so it managed to get the GPS into some sort of locked state), and I had to reboot the device, but most trips, it works perfectly.. I had two instances where the GPS stopped updating, but the above hold the 'X' and restart the app got it going again, and it has been working very well since.. The big attraction of this app for me is that after the initial download of maps, it is entirely data free.. It does everything, including address and POI lookups and routing / re routing on device.. This reduces roaming data charges when I travel and saves me having to pack a separate GPS device..

    As for using the demo for longer than 14 days, delete the app, then reboot, and re download.. You'll have to download the demo maps again as well, but then you'll have another eval period..

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    05-04-13 06:21 AM
  6. bobauckland's Avatar
    I dunno about the app but the thread title is classic
    05-04-13 06:28 AM
  7. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    Swipe up, hold down the 'X' to force close and clear cache, and restart the app.. This generally fixes most freezes on the with Mireo.. Make sure you hold the 'X' until the icon disappears otherwise BB10 just caches the app and you get the same stuck app state when you re-run..
    Thanks for the reply, but IMO it's still not good enough for a paid app to have such a basic flaw. Even with your instructions, you can't do it while driving, so it is still either dangerous or unusable. Waste of money to be totally honest and should be pulled from the app store until it is sorted.
    05-04-13 02:54 PM
  8. f_d's Avatar
    Again, I've only ever had three incidents with the app, and only one was major enough to need a full device reboot.. Otherwise it has been working just fine for me, and I use the app quite extensively on business travel..

    GPS, whether a standalone device on apps on a smartphone always come with a disclaimer that nobody ever reads and just clicks the OK button, that tells you that the GPS is just a supplemental aid and not to rely entirely on the GPS for navigation..

    Rather than asking for the app to be pulled, have you tried reporting the bugs to the developer and offering to work with them to find a fix? I happen to be running a leaked release of BB10.1, and I have not had any issues at all since the OS update, so perhaps part of the problem was OS related and not the fault of the developer at all, in which case you're being the wrong party...

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    05-05-13 02:04 AM
  9. anon(5706851)'s Avatar
    This satnav app has to be the most useless app on the market...
    First disclaimer, I work for Mireo and I'm main developer of Blackberry port of our application. We are aware of the problem you have. Either GPS just stops working after some time or it wont get fix for extend amount of time. Most probably, this problem is hardware and/or OS related. I base this conclusion on the fact
    1) That only few users reported it out of thousands that downloaded the app
    2) We have same application customised for Indian market, were they have OMAP based devices, as opposed to Snapdragon ones in the West, and not a single report like this one.
    3) Other applications that use GPS do not work. (and I mean GPS - not network based location! Network based location is useless for turn-by-turn navigation)

    Anyway, I assure you that we are working hard on the possible solution.
    Also look at this thread on Blackberry support forum, and here on Crackberry
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    05-05-13 05:45 AM
  10. sooty50's Avatar
    Thanks f_d for the tip about closing the cache. That solves my occasional problems with Mireo, although I'm glad to hear developers are working on the problems.
    Overall though I love this app - been using it in UK for some time in preference to my car's satnav, and it was a godsend on recent holiday to USA by giving me full satnav with no data use.

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    05-19-13 03:52 AM
  11. borceg's Avatar
    GPS hardware and os is working fine. App is also working fine here, but both free and paid maps suck.
    05-19-13 04:41 AM
  12. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    Happy to say that I installed the latest update last night and used it twice today for long journeys and it didn't freeze once.
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    05-22-13 05:46 PM
  13. HighwayToSmell's Avatar
    The new version is running smoothly on my Q10 on 10.1... and it looks pretty sweet too!

    Mireo - Don't panic (until it freezes - and then PANIC)-photo-1.jpg
    05-23-13 06:55 AM
  14. trsbbs's Avatar
    Seems like good old beta testing is a thing of the past. Too many app issues and OS issues.


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    05-23-13 07:51 AM
  15. KemKev's Avatar
    Seems like good old beta testing is a thing of the past. Too many app issues and OS issues.


    Posted using a Z10
    One cannot test for every possible scenario.
    05-23-13 05:34 PM
  16. Wrason's Avatar
    I have just used this app for a 2 week period in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia on a Z10 It worked very well until entering destinations in Slovenia when it was impossible to open the location on the map and navigate to it. The system froze until the app was closed and re-opened. I have subsequently had email contact with Boris at Mireo and he suggested I delete the app and re-load it. I did this, recovered the content and it seems to be working well again. I can enter addresses in Slovenia and navigate to them. I will shortly be testing it again in Italy and Switzerland so will see how I fare then. I have found the instructions to be clearer than my inbuilt satnav in my Landrover Discovery4 so overall I'm pretty satisfied. The 'phones not great though, no wonder Blackberry are struggling!
    Update October 2013
    Having now used it in Italy & Switzerland I am suitably impressed. Only problem I have is that for some reason the in-car charger doesn't actually charge the 'phone. I have assumed this is a fault of the hire cars but now realise I had the charger with a previous BB Torch and maybe it's not suitable for the Z10. Will need to investigate further!
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    09-12-13 12:12 PM
  17. BB10QNX's Avatar
    Interesting, this application workes beautifully here on my Z10, just would like to see the maps update soon, but that's up to TomTom . Looks great on the phone, landscapes without issue. Needed a great application like this, thus it's been well worth it. Support's been great too. Have the paid version. Now, just need a ProClip mount .
    09-12-13 01:47 PM
  18. john5050's Avatar
    this nav app rocks! ive gone on 2 trips across 4 states. it didnt miss a beat. and never froze up. i have the paid version. the maps were a little expensive but i wanted offline maps. save my data usage.
    09-13-13 10:23 AM
  19. indyaachen's Avatar
    Bought the Europe map (Z10) yesterday and took for 15 min drive. It froze and couldn't go to portrait mode until the restart. So, the plan to get the app on my GF's iPhone has been put on hold for now. Meanwhile I have informed the customer service of the problem ... no response yet ....
    12-19-13 02:58 AM
  20. ciprianmuresan's Avatar
    This is one of the best apps for bb10. And they were the first to make a navigation app for bb10. If you take a look in the other threads you will see thousands of satisfied customers. Also keep in mind that Mireo is not some high school kid making a flashlight app in his mom's garage. They are a big software company and a very serious one. They also make software for standalone gps's. Try asking for help in the other thread and you will be more than happy.

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    12-19-13 05:58 PM

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