08-10-19 01:30 PM
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    I have Magic Earth on my BlackBerry Classic. However, it's a bit of a bear to start, but works nicely thereafter. I downloaded it from Amazon App store.

    The problem with Magic Earth is that it doesn't display traffic even though it works in the other apps. I have turned the setting on inside the Magic Earth app, but it might be an in app purchase which doesn't appear to exist from Amazon.
    The traffic overlay works here on my Q10. Maybe Amazon has an old version that has a bug. I get mine from either Yalp or Apkpure.

    The old versions did take a bit to start so that's why when I m travelling I just leave it open, but minimized. Has little impact to my batter since I have it set to not run when minimized

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    08-09-19 01:28 PM
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    I'm running the latest (or at least very, very recent) version of Maps.Me
    I do recall it was very finicky with map updates if you upgraded the old one from BB World. I first uninstalled Maps.Me then I went into the directories manually to delete all the old maps and left over files.
    Do a clean install of the new Maps.Me and it should be able to update maps no problem.

    My favourite is currently Magic Earth. No know trackers, complete maps, easy to search and use. Maps.Me searching is very hit and miss.
    As I mentioned before I had used Sygic on a trip with no problem. Most recently I used Magic Earth on another trip. Out and about for about 10-12 hours a day, 15-20km by foot. No problem on the Passport and having enough charge to get back to the hotel at night.

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    Thanks, deleting the maps.me directory worked! I find that the stoplight icon for traffic is crossed out, but I still seem to get traffic at least.

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    08-10-19 01:30 PM
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