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    I have a Blackberry Classic, OS 10.3. I'm looking for an app to auto respond to text messages based on a keyword in the message.

    I have tried "Automate", "Automagic Premium", and "Fusion SMS Auto Reply". They all work great on my other Android phone, but not on my BlackBerry. It appears they don't have permission to detect or send SMS messages, but that's not an option in the application permissions from the Settings app. "Automate" tries to install another app to allow the permissions, but the installation fails on my BlackBerry.

    Does anyone know what the problem is?
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    10-20-16 02:58 PM
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    Don't think any Android apps is going to have the access necessary to run on BB10, and as I haven't seen any of the native apps like POWER TOOLS offer this feature.... I'd bet it's because BlackBerry has never opened the APIs to allow that level of access to the messaging system.

    Do love how much control Android allows.... use TASKER for so much.
    10-21-16 10:40 AM

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