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    It is a shame that Cardmunch, the 'holy grail' of business card scanners, is being put under the bus. At least someone should save it and make it available cross-platform all users, not just iOS? LinkedIn is making a serious mistake here. What about Blackberry 10 users? As a former original iOS (and dating back to 2007 until 2012), I see lot's of potential there. The fact that Android is being "expected to launch soon" is a big slap in the face to the Blackberry users. Seriously?? What are we to you LinkedIn? We gotta make our voice heard I think!


    Evernote and LinkedIn today announced an enhanced partnership that will link business cards scanned using Evernote to LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn will be discontinuing its support for CardMunch in July.

    The updated Evernote for iOS (expected to launch an Android app soon) will pull details from LinkedIn's 300 million-plus professionals to create a new note for each scanned card with contact information, LinkedIn profile link, and a photo, as well as a section for additional notes.

    Why is this of importance to the government relations community? Many who work in government relations and public affairs work tirelessly to keep their business cards, contacts lists, prospect lists, professional lists and LinkedIn connections organized and readily available on their cell. Many actually use CardMunch consistently.

    This enhanced alliance between LinkedIn and Evernote will be one more way to seamlessly organize and utilize one’s business cards in conjunction with the powerful network of LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn Gives Up The Ghost On CardMunch, Inks Deal With Evernote To Migrate Users | TechCrunch

    Evernote And LinkedIn Launch A New Business Card App For iOS To Organize Your Contacts | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
    05-07-14 08:05 PM
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    Won't the android app work on BB10?
    05-07-14 10:24 PM
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    Won't the android app work on BB10?
    It may, but nothing beats a native Blackberry app right? Cardmunch was always iOS and promised for many years that an Android and Blackberry app was 'coming soon', but it seems we lost faith in their words... or rather they lost interest in us.

    When I first picked up Cardmunch, I was hooked big time. It saved me TONS (and I really mean it) of time and effort. With cloud-based backups and the ability to copy your new contacts on to your phone really benefited me and many other users. I am sure many Blackberry users would thank the developers many times over, if this app was available. It could even autocapture a series of business cards, saving you time.

    05-07-14 10:52 PM

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