1. annon91221's Avatar
    Last night I downloaded this .rar file on my Z10. Wasn't sure if I would find anything to extract it..Did a search in App World and to my surprise the only thing that showed up was this iUnarchive app for $2.99. It says that it is an iOs port, but I still downloaded it..Great app!!!! UI is fluid, Integrated beautifully with Adobe Reader.
    Thought I would share..
    BTW..I don't know how hard it is to port iOs apps to BB10, but if this app is any indication then they perform beautifully on BB10..

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    02-17-13 01:31 PM
  2. 123berryaddicted's Avatar
    Well, I'm not sure about rar files, but the z10 extracts zip files without the need of an app... hope you didn't waste your money :s
    02-18-13 02:14 AM
  3. annon91221's Avatar
    Nooo...I had a .rar archive file with a few Pdf books. Z10 unzip didn't work for it so I went searching for an app. This app though can extract whole bunch of other archives too...On Internet you find all kina archive files, for say, music pictures etc zipped together...and this one can handle many of them....
    I mean I was just glad to see that I was able to find an app that I needed right at the moment and that the app was such high quality...It just shows that these ported apps are pretty much fully functional and the devs don't have to write their apps ground up ...
    BTW...come to think of it, I think those ports such as Skype and IG have real potential to be high quality even if they will be ports...

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    02-18-13 04:14 AM
  4. skirocket's Avatar
    I also brought this app as the file manager had problems extracting some files, this app works well but i found that if you have a rar with multiple files and try to extract them all at once it dont work, so you have to do them one by one which is a bit of a pain..
    02-18-13 05:29 AM

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