1. BachKhoa University's Avatar
    Hi CB,
    I'm happy to introduce you my latest game for BlackBerry 10 - Crazy Maths

    Crazy Maths is a simple maths puzzle game but it is very addictive. Try to play Crazy Maths as an exercise to train your brain everyday. You need to be as fast as possible when you make decision TRUE or FALSE to get the highest score.

    ****How to play****
    - You only have 1 second to choose the correct answer
    - Try as fast as possible to reach to the highest score

    ****Game features****
    - Simple and colorful graphics
    - Share score to your social network: BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

    - Crazy Maths only needs the access shared file permission to store the screenshot of your score to share with your friends.

    Download links

    PRO version: Crazy Maths PRO - BlackBerry World
    FREE version: Crazy Maths FREE - BlackBerry World

    Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104718.png Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104657.png

    Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104731.png Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104809.png

    Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104816.png Introducing my new game - Crazy Maths-img_20140607_104849.png
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    vxhien1986 likes this.
    06-10-14 02:55 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hi and welcome!
    Thanks for the info and screen shots about your new game. Looks challenging!
    Good Luck with the sale!
    06-10-14 05:52 AM
  3. anischab's Avatar
    What is the difference betw. FREE and PRO versions please...

    Sadly not available for my device (Q10)!

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    06-10-14 06:59 AM
  4. BachKhoa University's Avatar
    The free version has popups

    Posted via CB10
    06-10-14 11:52 AM
  5. vxhien1986's Avatar
    Thank bro, an interesting game for BB10.
    08-21-14 07:44 PM

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