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    There are many threads and opinions on the state of the Instant Message…And the the great thing about the differing of opinions is that we all want the same thing, we just have different ways of achieving that goal…. so heres a little paraphrase of the market from way back when until now… and how our differing of opinions collide...

    First there was AIM… it was the best thing because it was the only thing… every phone every computer had it.. Then Apple took it to the next level creating an All in One app on the computer for all the popular messengers……

    Then BBM took over and changed the game again…

    but BBM wasn't cross platform and it sprung out from there…

    Whatsapp, Kik, Viber, etc.. you name it, it exists… there are all kinds of messengers, voice messengers, video messengers, text messengers, etc…

    Now, to current day…. All of these messengers have their advantages and disadvantages.. Now BBM decides to go cross platform… some say they are late to the party, some are just happy its happened, and some say its irrelevant.. heres what i think..

    I think right now Whatsapp is king of the messengers right now, it has the best functionality of all the messengers I know of.. It has voice notes, text, group chat, file transfer, ease of use, etc.. almost everything in one.. however, the features it currently does not have that BBM is in the process of adding is video chat and voice calling.. This is where everyone with differing opinions collide … When BBM was not cross platform, blackberry users wanting something that was.. And that was the best messaging app Whatsapp.. Since then BBM has been released cross platform and has clearly picked up steam… BBM has become its own entity and with that has done some amazing things… BBM is more than a messaging app, it is a social network.. it has become instagram, twitter, whatsapp and more importantly BBM… The thing is, if BBM does not want to become irrelevant, if they don't want to change the game again and control the game, they have to release Video and Voice before Whatsapp does it.. Its not about how whatsapp adds contacts, or how BBM is secure messaging.. its not about which one looks prettier, its all about how well and quickly BBM can execute on delivering the services we all enjoy on our blackberry devices….

    For one, they need to figure out how to push messages to IOS and Android without remaining active… and then they need to find a way to integrate an easier whatsapp type of way of searching for your friends etc.. I do not agree with adding phone numbers, because I like the control but BBM is not irrelevant and has a chance, as long as they execute first, fast, and often.. The END!!!!!

    P.S.. We underestimate BBM channels.. I think thats where blackberry gets the revenue from cross platform BBM!!!!

    Disclaimer* I do understand that my history lesson is highly inaccurate and incomplete lol
    12-25-13 11:40 AM
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    I think they need to up the ante once more and release group voice calling and maybe even group video calling after they fully implement video , voice and channels. Take on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Line, Kik, Whatsapp features all in one app BBM and they'll surely have a winner!
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    12-25-13 11:55 AM

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