04-17-14 01:19 PM
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  1. jordan559's Avatar
    Can this save photos like igrann?
    I want to buy it since it looks a lot more nicer and stable than the igrann beta.

    Posted via CB10
    Yes you can download pics from this app just like iGrann allows.
    11-07-13 01:21 AM
  2. katiepea's Avatar
    This app is getting demolished in BlackBerry World reviews, it's clearly beta level. Maybe time to pull it till its done?
    11-07-13 03:51 AM
  3. hf199's Avatar
    You're on crack!

    Posted via Harry
    11-07-13 05:28 AM
  4. Ginowine's Avatar
    For Blackgram Developers.

    We want new features.

    1: We want a option to choose visual themes (Light or Dark).

    2: We want also have the notifications (Pop up and Lock screen).

    Please update this app again.

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 05:34 AM
  5. jsille's Avatar
    After update, I'm getting error message.
    Firstly I got logged out and even got a message from IG about "suspicious" handling with my account. I reset my password and got to get logged in
    Buuuuuut, every time I "like" a picture or try to upload any picture, it kicks me out.

    Instagram is finally here! (BlackGram)-img_00000283.png

    Instagram is finally here! (BlackGram)-img_00000284.png

    Proudly Z10 owner...
    11-07-13 07:16 AM
  6. devin266's Avatar
    App isn't bad at all. Abit slow and it isn't cascades. The overall feel of it is decent.

    Things can only get better for Blackgram with further updates.

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 09:12 AM
  7. devin266's Avatar
    With that said, Igrann is better imo at this stage..

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 09:17 AM
  8. M76Richie's Avatar
    C001CAEA1 follow my photo channel
    11-07-13 10:41 AM
  9. Amy Cooney's Avatar
    I'm unable to follow users. I have no problem following open accounts like CrackberryKevin for example but if I try to follow one of my friends that are private it does not allow me and I don't see an option to send an invite.
    11-07-13 11:02 AM
  10. OMGyssels's Avatar
    I would be wary of this app. The way it functions is to circumvent IG's restrictions on 3rd party apps. I tried using it, got an error message and simultaneous email saying that my account had suspicious activity...

    Sent from Z10; Channel Pin C0001A853
    11-07-13 12:16 PM
  11. BB10QNX's Avatar
    This application is having major issues. Unable to get logged in. Then did. Then had to change password because Instagram "detected suspicious" activity. Changed pswd, now, cannot log in again.

    Hopefully, iGrann preapres for, and resolves these issues in advance.
    11-07-13 12:18 PM
  12. lmsilvam's Avatar
    One more case of login problems with this app... uploaded a picture, Instagram detected suspicious activity and now won't let me change my password. Account effectively locked.
    11-07-13 12:29 PM
  13. jsille's Avatar
    Seems to be working again... this situation I'd getting kind of stressing

    Proudly Z10 owner...
    11-07-13 01:12 PM
  14. Duffman19's Avatar
    3 ppl posting in this thread

    1. Bah 2.99 should be free, bah can't loosen my purse strings

    2. Bah I'm all over igranns junk

    3. Helpful posts pointing out bugs

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 02:16 PM
  15. TaiCid's Avatar
    Changed my password and still can't get in :'(

    Was fun while it lasted; Considering this is a paid app ( 2.99 at that; not .99 but 2.99!?) ppl shouldn't be going through such troubles... considering iGran is free and much less hassle is what has ppl up in arms

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 03:07 PM
  16. anon3700711's Avatar
    This app is getting demolished in BlackBerry World reviews, it's clearly beta level. Maybe time to pull it till its done?
    The app is total crap. It's slow, not even in Cascades and using it means the developer can steal your info.
    11-07-13 10:08 PM
  17. hf199's Avatar
    I'm logged in you haters! No issues on Verizon Z10 without leaks

    Posted via Harry
    11-07-13 11:04 PM
  18. Ben1232's Avatar
    Sounds as if the dev stood a couple of girls up on dates here. They're out for his blood loool.

    Dev, good app,Not great but glad there's been an update so soon after release. Glad you're on the ball with improvements and fixes.


    Posted via my CB Q10
    11-08-13 03:29 AM
  19. Amy Cooney's Avatar
    My follow problem is solved. now I'm having the log in issue everyone else is having. Saying it's a network issue.

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-13 10:57 AM
  20. matt0135's Avatar
    This app is killing me. One day it works perfect the next (like today) won't allow me to login at all. I understand the app is new but basic functional must be stable. Hopefully the dev solves them soon!

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-13 12:16 PM
  21. Amy Cooney's Avatar
    I received the following reply to my last screen cap email:

    �thank you for writing me.

    I really apologize for the issues in the first versions of Blackgram, I did not expect such a big number of picture uploads... I am adding new servers to better distribute the requests.
    The new update 5.0.2 is about to be submitted for certification, this update will add speed and UI improvements and should solve most of current issues

    I'm sorry if I am not always able to respond to each of your emails, but I'm working on version 5.0.3 with Twitter and Facebook support, available next week ."

    Posted via CB10
    Edward in Toronto likes this.
    11-09-13 10:34 AM
  22. jsille's Avatar
    Good news!

    Proudly Z10 owner...
    11-09-13 02:23 PM
  23. rereuk's Avatar
    I'll be reporting the app to Instagram in case they haven't already blocked it which I sure they have.

    Posted via CB10
    Make sure to tell your mum as well

    Posted via CB10
    11-10-13 06:13 PM
  24. towngirl's Avatar
    I wish I had seen this before I bought the app! I also cannot sign in. Got in twice but no more.. though I can sign in, online.

    Can't get info. on how to get $$'s back.. instagram ignores the query.

    I think we should send in EVERY screenshot (as it notes when it failes to log in), until they DO fix it
    11-12-13 05:35 PM
  25. Ben1232's Avatar
    Can't get info. on how to get $$'s back.. instagram ignores the query.
    It isn't instagram's app
    Posted via my CB Q10
    11-12-13 05:56 PM
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