1. pillsy's Avatar
    I don't think anything like this exists for BB10 yet.

    It's tax-time, yes? Everyone trying to reconcile their receipts and make up a mileage log to deduct expenses?

    Get an expense & mileage tracker.

    Expense tracker should have GPS capability, so if you're eating lunch and want to enter it in as a business expense, it can say "are you at one of these nearby restaurants?" And you pick one. "Are you at office depot?" Let it read your calendar so after you pick where you are, it will ask "is this for your 1pm lunch appointment with client?" Instead of saving all those tiny scraps of paper/receipts, take a picture of it with your phone and let it store it along with your expense. Pick your category for the expenses (entertainment, membership dues, marketing, advertising, etc.) and assign to each expense.

    Let the same GPS capability track your mileage. When you get in your car, tap to open the app and tap again to "start mileage tracker". If you forget to stop it, after sitting idle for a period of time (user determined?) it will automatically "end" your trip. Then let it sync with the calendar. "Was this trip for your 3pm meeting?" or you can choose whatever you want.

    Allow data to be exported to a spreadsheet and back-up photos in case of an audit.

    I would use this every single day, and I would gladly pay someone $0.99 to develop it.

    Maybe even more than $0.99
    01-26-14 11:07 PM
  2. Ben Konyi's Avatar
    Hi there!

    I feel like I have a partial solution to your request already! I'm the developer of a mileage tracking application called TrakUrMiles which already has some of the functionality that you're looking for, and I've been planning on adding most of the other functionality you've described for awhile now. TrakUrMiles allows for the logging of trips for personal or business reasons by using either the odometer on your vehicle or by GPS tracking which can be started manually or when the phone connects to a specific bluetooth device, such as a car or GPS unit. I do plan on adding expense tracking in the near future.

    You can find TrakUrMiles here: TrakUrMiles - BlackBerry World

    If you want to ask me questions about what the app does and doesn't do, and what I plan on implementing in the future, feel free to contact me either through CrackBerry or through my BBM Channel: PIN: C0023B91B
    01-27-14 09:55 AM

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