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    HuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10-img_00000291.jpgHuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10-img_00000288.jpgHuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10-img_00000289.jpgHuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10-img_00000290.jpg

    HuiZone TV is Application for watch Live Streaming TV Channel.

    Stream it, Play it, Watch it.

    Simple way to Watching Indonesia Live Streaming TV Channel And Radio Channel.
    Just Click The Channel, The TV Will Start automatically.

    include : Sport Channel and Other Country TV Channel.

    This App is contain a live streaming from internet sources, need internet connection for streaming.

    ps: use wifi for streaming or set mobile network to 3g only for the best result of streaming. 2G/EDGE data connection may have a slow connection in some country.

    PRICE : $ 0.99

    Download at:
    BlackBerry World - HuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10
    HuiZone TV For BlackBerry 10-tvbarcode.png
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    Thanks for the app!
    08-21-13 04:34 AM
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    you're welcome.
    08-22-13 01:56 AM

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