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  1. Tutakinak's Avatar
    In daily life we are presented with many opportunities to take pictures , these situations can be very funny to share.

    How to get nice pictures for your memes with Blackberry 10-meme.png

    But, it can be a little uncomfortable taking a picture, both for the target (if human) and those who are around you, It would be the best to have an application to take pictures without the shutter sound.

    But, there is always the problem that the people around you can see you.
    In my case I use an application especially designed for those cases, its called WhatsCam and can be downloaded from the Blackberry App World

    the app is very simple , disguised as a messaging application like Whatsapp or Hangouts , etc.
    It even has a list of fake active conversations, then, simply by pressing the send button ( pretending to send a message) the app takes the picture. It also gives you the ability to configure the front or back camera, this is very useful in the bus when the target is behind us, and flash ( only recommended to pull a prank on a family , lol ).

    Here some screenshots of the application:

    How to get nice pictures for your memes with Blackberry 10-icon.png
    How to get nice pictures for your memes with Blackberry 10-pantalla.png
    How to get nice pictures for your memes with Blackberry 10-pantalla2.png

    Download link : WhatsCam
    Price: $2.99 US
    Warning: In some countries, taking pics without shutter sound may be illegal
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    05-05-14 10:40 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    OH boy....a sneak attack camera app? I can just hear the fallout now.
    05-06-14 05:45 AM
  3. bb10_fan's Avatar
    I think you should add in app description that in certain countries taking pics without shutter sound is illegal or you may get in troubles
    Tutakinak likes this.
    05-06-14 06:03 AM

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