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    I have created a free version of my GPS Golfing Application for BlackBerry 10 using Cascades. This free version lets users try out the Native BlackBerry Application before the purchase the full version with many more options. This will also allow users to check to see if their golf course is mapped before they part ways with their hard earned 2 Dollars for the paid version

    App Name: How Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder

    Link: How Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder
    How Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-download.png

    How Far Am I? is a Free version of the GPS Golf Range Finder application for BlackBerry®. The application has been build from scratch using the new Native Cascades framework.

    With this Free Version of the GPS Golf Range finder application you will be able to:

    • Search for Golf courses by Course name or by your GPS location.
    • View Middle of the green distances.
    • Track your score.
    • View Hole Par.
    • View current time and round time.
    • View green depth
    • Mark Shots so you know how far your Drives go!
    • Ability to view your Marked shots after the round via satellite images.
    • Ability to resume golf round from score cards screen.

    Price: FREE
    Paid Version: Found here.

    Any comments and be posted here or emailed to the howfarami at g mail d0t com email address found within BlackBerry World within the application.

    How Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-img_00001688.jpgHow Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-img_00001689.jpgHow Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-img_00001691.jpgHow Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-img_00001692.jpgHow Far Am I? Free GPS Golf Rangefinder-img_00001664.jpg

    Happy Golfing!
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    08-14-13 09:27 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Nice looking app!
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    08-14-13 09:39 AM
  3. ashworth's Avatar
    Nice looking app!
    Thanks Making the free version was a lot of less work then making the full version. #CascadesFTW!
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    08-14-13 10:29 AM
  4. piquepoc's Avatar
    thanks for this free version, I will try it.
    08-14-13 02:41 PM
  5. RoneyBG's Avatar
    Turn the blackberry into a gps golf rangefinder is really a good idea and thanks for the app free to download.

    It looks good perfect from the pictures!

    And I am using the Bushnell Neo+ golf gps rangefinder which is preloaded with 25000 courses and with instant course recognition and auto hole advance.
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    11-02-13 08:55 AM
  6. ashworth's Avatar
    is preloaded with 25000 courses
    25000 is a lot of courses
    11-28-13 11:13 AM

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