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    Hide My Files Pro for BlackBerry 10 have the same look and feel as the OS of the device, to make you more familiar with the application, with the ability to change wallpaper inside the app

    (1) Protect the application with a password
    (2) Protect your real profile with a fake password that will open the same application but with different files
    (3) Hide Images
    (4) Hide Music
    (5) Hide Videos
    (6) Hide any other kind of files (txt, xls, doc, ...)
    (7) Native invocation to open all the kind of files inside the application
    (8) Private Browser, similar to the default browser
    (9) Ability to protect an album with a private password
    (10) Create as many albums as you wish inside each section
    (11) Private Notes
    (12) Private Contacts
    (13) Flashligh included
    (14) Ability to change wallpaper inside the application
    (15) Add Multiple or single files, once with one click
    (16) Secret question and answer in case you forgot your password
    (17) Image modification enabled, you can choose to crop, modify and change the colors of the image before adding it to the album
    (18) Battery status and percentage of remaining power inside
    (19) When minimuzed, the application will show you the battery life time
    (20) Manage password and fake password anytime
    (21) Ability to disable password login
    (22) BBM Connection in an optional setting with Private Phone

    For any errors, suggestions or feedbacks, don't hesitate to contact us at bb.developers.80@gmail.com
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    Hide My Files PRO-6.png   Hide My Files PRO-7.png  
    12-03-13 03:26 PM
  2. shaunj539's Avatar
    I have other apps to hide files but this one looks even better as you can create a fake password! Something I've been dying for. Just a quick question before I purchase, is it fairly simple to unhide photos? If I wanted to hide all my photos would be as simple as a click? One more suggestion for the future would be a backup/restore whereby a file perhaps knows the location of all the files etc you want and by restoring that file the application can hide all the files? Hopefully you understand what I mean.
    12-03-13 03:47 PM
  3. Blackberry Developer's Avatar
    Hello, yes sure it is simple to unhide files, but the hide with one click is not supported. We will be working on your suggested points in future updates. Thank you
    12-03-13 04:09 PM

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