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    HelpME! In Case of Need

    HelpME! is an application that assist the user of BlackBerry® 10 smartphone when in emergency situations, or is not able to provide health information to the staff of First Aid as a result of shock. HelpME! is a software for both patients and operators in emergency who will be able quickly access:

    • The essential medical information
    • The references of contact persons
    • The photo of the user of the smartphone for instant recognition
    • many other useful information to rescuers such as allergies, medications used, physical condition, if organ donor, blood type, etc...

    HelpME! has a section "SOS" through which you can quickly access the features of an emergency.
    The user can also inhibit access to the application by enabling password protection.

    HelpME! is structured into three distinct sections:

    • Personal Information
    • ICE
    • SOS

    Each of these sections presents useful information in case of need.
    HelpME! is available for free localized in Italian and English

    HelpME! - In Case of Need

    HelpME! - In Case of Need-sos.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-alarm.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-findme.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-contacts.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-no-data.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-medical-information.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-settings.png
    HelpME! - In Case of Need-edit.png
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    05-16-14 02:38 PM
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    looks interesting
    05-16-14 02:43 PM
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    Good luck with your app and thanks for supporting bb10.
    05-16-14 06:05 PM

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