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    Anyone know of a good app in BlackBerry World that I can use to see who might be stealing Wifi from my wife's business? Her latest bill is beyond what she's using. Or can you recommend one I can sideload? I'm on official OS and don't have a debug token either. Thanks.

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    12-26-13 08:42 AM
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    Wouldn't it be easier to change your Wi-Fi password more frequently? I'd think it would be easier to fix than trying to find an app that might do it. Made an edit, too, to better reflect your request. I haven't heard of one, but didn't want others to think you were looking for one to facilitate theft, either.
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    12-26-13 08:46 AM
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    Is it password protected? Hidden SSID? Chang the default user name and password for the router access? Using the better encryption? You can log into your routers webpage and see who is attached also.
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    12-26-13 08:54 AM
  4. rthonpm's Avatar
    Checking the DHCP client logs of the router should help to determine who's connected. Like everyone else has said:

    Change the password on the router, using WPA2 for encryption. Also use a strong password or passphrase that's not easily guessed.

    Change the IP range of the router away from 192.168.x.x to something else: using something like 10.168.x.x is a fairly easy change and may only involve changing a few, if any, static IP's for things like printers.

    Make sure the router user name and password are something other than the default and only available via HTTPS, and not able to be accessed remotely (i.e. out of the local network)

    These will take care of the low hanging fruit and give you a better idea of who is potentially accessing the network. Also, be sure to make any changes to the infrastructure from a device connected via Ethernet: the last thing you need to do is muck up the configuration and lose wireless.
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    12-26-13 09:08 AM

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