1. mygirliestyle's Avatar
    Hi BB10 users,

    I was able to sideload instagram but whenever I want to post pic, it says "camera cannot connect". I was able to view only post. Help pleaaase!

    12-26-13 12:52 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    What OS version and device do you have there? How did you install instagram and what version of the app did you get?

    And welcome to the forums!

    Well, this one works for me without issues (I'm on btw).

    If you are on the same OS version, I suggest uninstalling the app, rebooting (hold the top buttom and do not tap the screen untill you see the BlackBerry logo) the device and installing the apk I provided.

    Post back!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, there is also iGrann. You should check it ou! http://www.igrann.com/
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    12-26-13 12:59 AM
  3. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    Try rebooting. Sometimes it gives that error if an android app was using the camera then crashed
    There are a few android apps that are a bit funky with the 1925 runtime, like wordlens, but IG works great in all of them!
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    12-26-13 01:49 AM
  4. mygirliestyle's Avatar
    Hi im using .
    12-26-13 02:02 AM
  5. mygirliestyle's Avatar
    Wow! Igrann works for me!, thanks! Though totally different look.
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    12-26-13 02:27 AM

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