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    Nogago seems to do what I am looking for based on the app description (GPS specialising in Walking, Hiking and Biking). I already own Mireo but would like something more specialised for non-vehicle travel in the UK.

    Has anybody got any experience or any suggestions for alternatives?

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    03-30-14 04:28 PM
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    I've used Nogago Tracks on my z10 to record hikes and x-country ski trips. It seems to work well. It can supplement your track with downloaded maps (free if you don't set it up and visit its store). I don't think it stores maps like Mireo. The main issue is that the gps in a phone generally takes more power than a standalone "hiking" type unit. Also "real" outdoor units are more robust, shock and waterproof and, yes, most now have maps so they don't need cell service.
    03-30-14 04:48 PM
  3. chiefx13's Avatar
    This is a big area of interest for me. Im thinking of dropping some loonies and picking up a PB.

    I do a lot of back-country... well a fair amount at least. I find Toposports is a really, really great app for hiking, waking, and tracking my city runs.

    I like topo maps to begin with, and I find the accuracy with toposports to be second to none with the least amount of drain on my z10. I've tracked 15 and a half hours before it killed my phone. (not connected to cellular).

    I e-mailed then today to ask if they had a playbook option of their program. They were so awesome,that I was just asking them about BB10 support after buying my z10 and they sent me an advanced copy of their app for free.... 4 months before they got it onto BB App World.

    I'll let u know what their response is.

    (sorry for the shameless plug, but I really am a huge fan of the program).
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    03-31-14 04:19 AM

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