1. snowsquirrel's Avatar
    Are there any good native apps for GPS logging, which produce logs which can be used with the various tools for geo-tagging photos taken by my DSLR?

    A year ago I looked, and found really nothing that wasn't a clunky peice of junk. Hoping the landscape has changed.

    Any shutterbugs solve this problem?
    12-22-13 12:51 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I have not looked around at bb apps for that purpose.

    I know the Garmin software can take a trip log and then match the time photos were taken and add the geo-coded data to the exif data and then present the "trail map" with the images along the route. I'm not sure if the Basecamp software is available outside of owning a garmin but it uses the standard gpx (??? winging it right now) file format that Nagago Track (on Z10) can export/email.
    12-22-13 03:48 PM
  3. snowsquirrel's Avatar
    Just did a new search and found SimpleGPX and GPXLogger. GPXLogger works quite well. Pretty much _exactly_ what I wanted. Hopefully update time far apart doesn't hurt battery.
    01-02-14 09:54 PM

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