1. anon(3900582)'s Avatar
    Just installed ghost commander file manager. I cannot find a way to search for a file. There is a quich search by starting to type a name but it only takes you to the first entry in the directory where you currently are. I want to do a global search anywhere in my SD card or phone.
    Does anybody know how to do that?
    11-24-13 01:43 PM
  2. jojon2se's Avatar
    If your toolbar does not have "search"; Go to the "customize toolbar" settings, to enable it. (EDIT: It may be there, but truncated, if the toobar is too wide to entirely fit on the screen -- then just get rid of any buttons that you never use.)

    Then, before using the search button, go to the root.

    Tick "subdirs" in the dialogue, if it is not selected already.
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    11-24-13 02:10 PM

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