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    Given the latest news regarding John Chen's focus on enterprise and government users who "want keyboards and don't care about apps", I'm going to re-open this initiative. While I think that Chen is making the right decisions for the company as a whole, it leaves behind many users who don't fall into that category.

    Many developers are still taking the "wait-and-see" approach to supporting BB10, and given the current climate and lack of demand from their customer base, are continuing to pass on Blackberry.

    I have a live list of such developers with email / twitter / web contact info for them. I suggest everyone go through the list and fire off a quick message to the ones that they are interested in, add any entries that may be missing, and update the status if you have something more recent than what's listed.


    <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjO6poRFXwxldEJXTU4yMXJjckJMeXBpd1B2bTdlY 2c&usp=sharing>

    I know some people will continue to say this exercise is a waste of time and has no effect, but I beg to differ.
    Some people will opine that if you want an app, just get the APK from Snap and be done with it. While at the moment this is the only course of action, it does not result in the developer recognizing a portion of their user base on Blackberry and as such does not warrant support for Blackberry users.

    If there's an app you would really like to see available in BBWorld and supported by the developer, be it Android port or Native, don't complain about it in the forums, go to the dev directly and let them know there is demand out there!
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    02-13-14 08:55 AM
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    All I can say is I'm primarily a blackberry developer . Although sometimes I build my blackberry apps out for other platforms.

    I don't know a lot of developers holding out for blackberry anymore in my circles.... but no matter how amazing bb10 gets - some developers never will.

    It's stressful and time consuming building for a new platform and getting setup.

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    02-13-14 09:14 AM
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    The way I see it, all the developers of the apps on my list are examples of those holding out on Blackberry.

    And yes, some developers will never* support Blackberry. I qualify this statement with the * on never because I think "never" actually means "never if the current mobile landscape and market share distribution never changes".

    KermEd, you'll know much better than me the true implications of building for a new platform, and while I certainly don't want to minimize that, I still believe in the "self-fulfilling prophesy" of widespread belief in a turnaround turning into reality.

    I still assert that given enough demand from users, developers who are currently choosing not to even port their perfectly working Android apps to BBWorld for approval because they don't see the return on that effort, will be more likely to actually take a look at BB10.

    And the more support there is from 3rd party developers, the better for Blackberry. A friend of mine bought a Z10 and was loving it until he did a quick search for theChive in BBWorld, and then immediately exchanged it for an iPhone. That right there is part of how Blackberry has lost so much of their market share.
    02-13-14 10:49 AM
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    Absolutely. I think this is a great initiative - just pointing out there are a few landmines and that I have found things have come miles.

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    02-13-14 03:22 PM

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