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    I would like to introduce you my app FunText. It's an old BBOS app (2011) but I completly rewrite it when BB10 came out and it's a very different app now.
    We are sending more and more messages to each others thanks to mobile devices but they are more and more unpersonal. Whoever sent a sms message, sometimes it's hard to interpret the few words you receive.

    The concept : trying to add a bit of emotion into your message and make this experience fun and easy
    How : original fonts, text over images, emoticons, favorite texts...

    Once you launch the app, you can see the user interface is trying to make you believe you are writing on paper, with ink. The more you write, you'll see ink spots appearing on your screen
    Then with a magical pen slider, you can change your text style.


    The app comes with about 12 styles but you'll be able to write in your own style thanks to the unicode keyboard with hundreds of original characters.


    As you write the app analyses your mood and adapts the user interface if you feel sad or happy (only english language is supported).


    Depending on your moods, the app is proposing you some text emoticons to add to your texts to help you express your feelings : instead of picking the right smiley in the full list, it's easier to let the app suggest the right one and just click the 'like it thumb'.

    You often send the same messages right ? Why not saving your most used ones on a list to resend them very quickly (you can save texts with regular fonts in your favorites thanks to the first position of the slider).

    With FunText, combine both text and pictures to express your feelings. Move the text over the image, make it bigger, change the color to match your needs and sent it to your friends on Facebook, by mail, etc... thanks to the builtin BB10 invocation framework.


    FunText is available for Free, it's called FunText Free but with restrictions (less styles, no full list of emoticons, no favorites, no unicode keyboard, you can't change the picture within the 'wrote over image' feature) --> Fun Text Free - BlackBerry World

    The full version is named FunText and is 0,99$ only --> https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs.../46102?lang=en

    As a conclusion, I hope you'll like my app and I encourage the BB community to rate and review it because it's very important for us developers.

    PS : I regularly update my app. You'll soon be able to add a link to a song in your message...
    PS 2 : if you are a BBOS user and buy the app now, you'll get it for free when you upgrade to a BB10 device
    01-24-14 09:10 AM
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    Looks good!
    01-24-14 09:24 AM
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    Good luck with your apps. Also, thanks for supporting the bb10 devices.
    01-24-14 09:50 AM
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    Looks awesome! Might look into getting this one
    Good luck with the app!

    Posted via CB10
    01-24-14 09:54 AM
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    Because BBM stickers are trending these days, I decided to add a stickers section in my app FunText. You can share them on BBM, Twitter, FaceBook,... wherever you want thanks to the BB10 invocation framework

    02-28-14 05:00 AM