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    Save Email - BlackBerry World

    Save Email: Save your Email to a File

    Price: Free

    Save your email on device with Save Email! You can save your emails to your device with Save Email. Save in HTML format and PDF (through a web service.) In the menu for individual emails in the Hub press the "Share | Save Email" item and you are presented with the option to save. After your selection simply name and select the place to which you want it saved and press the save button. Your email is saved to the location for archiving and opening in other email programs. You are next presented with a web page with the option to upload the html file for conversion into pdf format. Press Quit if you don't want the pdf conversion. Start saving important emails today with Save Email! Included option to not include email header in HTML saved emails. Notes: HTML email save cannot save attachments. To open html files long-press on them and choose browser.

    (Free) Save Email: Save your Email to a File-getproductimage.wdo.png

    (Free) Save Email: Save your Email to a File-ddddd.do.png

    Save Email - BlackBerry World
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    08-08-14 10:52 AM
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    This looks cool. Thanks. I'll have to give it a run.
    08-08-14 07:51 PM
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    Good luck with your app.
    08-10-14 09:20 PM

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