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    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-x0.jpg

    For those who are really fond of BlackBerry Z10 and have bought the BlackBerry Z10 at the first time, the biggest problem was the lack of Applications! Frankly speaking, the functions of applications are the basic requests, we need more on UI& UX ! Some of the applications simply providing user with the basic functions converted from Android can not satisfy the user. Fortunately, more and more nice applications are showing up! Today, I d like to introduce a wonderful application to you, it s the Wallpaper Sky built for BlackBerry 10.

    As the name suggests, the Wallpaper Sky is a application offering you a verity of wallpapers! But why do I think it is wonderful? Here are the reasons:

    1. Functions: prefect & satisfied
    2. UI & UX: easy & native
    As a result, user experience which is based on functions and UI is the most important!

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-x1.jpg

    1. Functions
    As a wallpaper application, its basic functions are offering user a large number of wallpapers in good quality. In addition, user can take some operation on them.
    Three basic categories in the function bar of Wallpaper Sky is: Recommend, New and Hot. Users can find the wallpapers which are hot and new directly. Of course, there are more categories in the slide hub, like: Shuffle, Collection, Explore and so on.

    The resources of wallpaper are pretty good! I guess there is a huge number of wallpapers in the background library for that I have found that the wallpapers are updating everyday. And what surprised me is that the wallpaper updating everyday is associated with what is going on in the real world. For a instance, Wallpaper Sky had just released a set of pictures for the Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai held in the last weekend . It s really cool and impressive.

    Let s get back to the quality of the wallpapers! Usually, we distinguish a good wallpaper from the others by its definition and content. In fact, wallpapers of high definition can make full use of the screen of Z10. Also, good pictures are not all suitable for being wallpapers. After using Wallpaper Sky for some time, I find that most of the wallpapers are very suitable and nice on Z10.

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-x2.jpg

    2. UI& UX
    BlackBerry 10 is very special and innovative! So it s very difficult for application developer to decide which operating style they will take. Wallpaper Sky has made a wise choice by copying the BlackBerry 10 system. You can even be confused by the UI& UX of it and mistake it for a built-in application at the first sight. Moreover Wallpaper Sky makes full use of the gestures of BlackBerry 10. It s so convenient and efficient.

    But one point which I m not satisfied with is that the UI is so similar to the BlackBerry 10 system that the feature of Wallpaper Sky is ignored in some way.

    3. Summary
    As mentioned at first, Wallpaper Sky has succeeded in UI & UX as a application built for BlackBerry 10. You can check the number of the pictures and clear the cache by yourself. You can also share the wallpapers you like to your friends on BBM/Email/Foursquare etc. On the contrary, you can share photos to the internet by Wallpaper Sky!

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-x3.jpg

    Attention: the definition of pictures you want to share have to be 768x 1280 at least!

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-4.jpg

    What impressed me is:
    1. The style wallpapers is updating along with life. Albums updating recently are all about spring, color, landscape and so on. A wonderful wallpaper can even affect your life and take you out of the terrible mood.
    2. You can have a preview of the wallpaper you need and set it as your wallpaper directly! It s so convenient and intimate!
    3. Linking to Flickr!! As we all know that there is a great number of wonderful pictures on Flickr! Wallpaper Sky has provided us with a way to this beautiful world. You can search the Flickr or the local library. To be honest, it s very common to add SNS into a functional application! But taking a cloud storage service like Flickr into to it has never been achieved before! It s really creative! Because of the link to Flickr, users have got one more choice than before. People can search tags more purposeful and direct! Users can try to find wallpapers they like by Flickr but not limited to the local wallpaper library, because Flickr has given us a endless resource! I really like it, very like it!

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-x4.jpg

    In addition, there is still a surprise on Flickr! As we can see, the local wallpaper resource can be adjusted to the size of screen. But what to do with pictures on Flickr? The original picture may be too large or too small for Z10! Don t worry about it! Wallpaper Sky also can make it! If the picture is too small to be set as wallpaper, Wallpaper Sky will add a cute frame to it to and if it s large, Wallpaper Sky can also cut it for the screen! Cool? Here are some examples of the frame!

    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-6.jpg
    [Free Native App] - Developer Nominate: 'Wallpaper Sky' For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10-7.jpg

    Of course, there are also some shortage ! Here is a list of the point I m not satisfied:
    1. The wallpaper is so large that you must be careful! Watch our your data service!!!
    2. Some pictures on the Flickr can t be cut suitably!
    3. The wallpapers downloaded can t be zoom in or zoom out in the application!
    4. Uploading! People may be too lazy to upload their nice photos to the internet!
    5. You can t have a look at the wallpapers you have just downloaded in the application. The only way for you to manage your wallpapers is clicking the icon named photos~

    I have also got a suggestion for the developer! It s that the application may can try separate the Favorites from the Download! So we can download the favorites in WiFi!

    In a word, it s the best application on BlackBerry 10 on wallpapers! So why don t you have a try ?

    Here is the Link to BlackBerry World:
    BlackBerry World - Wallpapers Sky - HD Wallpapers + For Flickr Originals

    Do not forget to write down your review~~
    07-02-13 01:14 AM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Really like the app, keep it up
    07-02-13 02:13 AM
  3. the_igg's Avatar
    I got this app a while back. Good selection of wallpapers. I understand the need to cache the pictures. But it's good that you put a clear cache button within to app. I usually clear the cache after using the app. Nice job
    07-02-13 05:14 AM
  4. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I can not use this app anymore. It will not open. Can you update it?
    07-08-13 07:56 PM
  5. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Ooops! It is working, no changes needed! Thanks for this great app!

    Posted using the Diva's Z
    07-08-13 09:56 PM

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