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    I just got the update this morning in beta zone version 10.6.x.2/3. It shows no descriptions at all on what's new in this. So, I tried to send some pic to someone and when I chose a pic, it was like of multiple selection. So I tried to select more
    Finally multiple pics attachment in latest BBM in beta zone!!-bbm-multiple-attachment.png

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    12-03-14 08:45 PM
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    good i can't wait for this.
    12-03-14 08:49 PM
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    Frikkin finally!

    HamuZ10 @ OS 10.3
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    12-03-14 08:55 PM
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    Is sending stickers in a group chat new? Never tried in previous builds
    Finally multiple pics attachment in latest BBM in beta zone!!-img_20141204_093840.png

    Another pic

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    12-03-14 09:39 PM
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    12-03-14 09:43 PM

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