10-21-13 01:22 AM
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  1. Jedi_Blackberry's Avatar
    Facebook app really sucks on the Z10.

    Posted via CB10
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    09-15-13 07:47 PM
  2. si001's Avatar
    Yes. I use the app called browser for that.

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-13 07:53 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    Its really not that bad. Its not as good as the android and iOS versions but still you cant say it sucks. What is so bad about it?
    09-15-13 07:53 PM
  4. Jtaylor1986's Avatar
    It's way better than it was at launch!
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    09-15-13 07:56 PM
  5. sergey_IL's Avatar
    Nice way to share your opinion. Can you be more specific?
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    09-15-13 08:06 PM
  6. canuckvoip's Avatar
    I shot a vid and shared to FB this morning with comments. Got notified of completion. All went smoothly. What does it not do that you want it to? Your opinion/statement is worthless without backing it up.
    09-15-13 08:16 PM
  7. kidplanet's Avatar
    Cool story
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    09-15-13 08:17 PM
  8. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Sucks battery life, sucks data usage, sucks your time away, sucks you in,.. ??

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-13 08:18 PM
  9. Dirtymike14's Avatar
    I actually find it a lot better than the ios one

    My z10 is a Leafs fan
    09-15-13 08:20 PM
  10. Jedi_Blackberry's Avatar
    It doesn't always open...and that is using either wifi or the network.

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-13 08:54 PM
  11. djdragon's Avatar
    It may suck, but at least it doesn't swallow.

    Posted via CB10
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    09-15-13 08:57 PM
  12. Stephen Cooper's Avatar
    Can't share......that's what you do on Facebook. tired of taking screenshots

    Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10
    09-15-13 09:05 PM
  13. callec39's Avatar
    Wish you would give reasons why you think it sucks, I use Facebook on my Z10 and it works just fine, I use it on my Playbook and Ipad Mini and I could not really complain about them, well the Ipad mini would be better if it used gestures like the Blackberry Playbook but they do their job.
    09-15-13 09:22 PM
  14. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    It sucks on Q10 too, I use FB via the browser.
    09-15-13 09:30 PM
  15. irsan's Avatar
    I use q10 and FB is not bad at all
    09-15-13 09:43 PM
  16. extisis's Avatar
    i've actually had a problem with fb ever since jumping into leak land. I tried 1371 first which i found most stable but the only thing that won't function is sending messages through fb, either through the hub or through the app itself. really weird.. I'm able to receive messages to the app with notifications and everything yet when i reply, i can type and send like normal and it even says "Sent @ xx:xx pm" after you supposedly send it. well, i found that by checking fb on the mobile site, that none of these messages ever got sent. i've even tried other OS builds (i'm using the latest leak now) and still the same problem. anybody else run into this?
    09-15-13 10:12 PM
  17. MarsupilamiX's Avatar
    Actually, FB as a whole sucks.
    And this is not BlackBerry's fault.

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-13 10:14 PM
  18. iggypop's Avatar
    Agreed. Facebook itself is crap. But I've never had a problem using it, always loaded fine, posts/pics whatever. Besides, I find visiting friends much more enjoyable than creeping them!

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-13 10:42 PM
  19. R Field's Avatar
    Missing share/edit options but there is always the browser but yes it could be better.

    CB10 - Z10 -
    09-15-13 11:08 PM
  20. Erik Lehman's Avatar
    Facebook app really sucks on the Z10.

    Posted via CB10
    Facebook sucks. Not the z10.

    Posted via SEGA master system
    09-15-13 11:13 PM
  21. SirJes's Avatar
    A Lot has been done to it since launch, I'll say all its missing now us stickers and share option from timeline.

    Other than that it's great

    Posted via CB10
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    09-15-13 11:40 PM
  22. Miss_80's Avatar
    It's not a solution to the problem, but on the android platform there is an application called Friendcaster Pro that is awesome. Unfortunately, you can only sideload at the moment. It doesn't work as flawless as it does on Android, but it is far better than the FB app. Give it try.

    BB10QNX started a petition on the side of Friendcaster to request a native app. He opened a forum thread. Add your vote and maybe we can persuade them to build it.
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    09-16-13 03:33 AM
  23. costas1966's Avatar
    It may suck, but at least it doesn't swallow.

    Posted via CB10
    If it did, it would be more useful. I agree with the OP, it really does suck compared to the browser...the timeline is often messed up, and it lacks the full functionality of the browser version.
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    09-16-13 03:38 AM
  24. anon(5930933)'s Avatar
    How 'sucks' is it? I think it just being better than before after that major updates back in July.
    09-16-13 05:55 AM
  25. drkpitt's Avatar
    I think Facebook has come a long way and is quite good now. When you add chat notifications and hub integration and sharing it is better than other platforms. The only feature I need that it is missing is delete post / edit visibility - after you have posted. For some reason this still hasn't been implemented. Thus if you make a mistake or change your mind you have to use another client such as the browser or sideload the Android version.

    Posted via CB10
    09-16-13 06:38 AM
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