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    For those of you who have either EvenSteven (paid version) or EvenSteven One (or interested in BlackBerry 10 apps in general), you might want to check out the new EvenSteven One beta.

    This version has pretty much all currency symbols possible (where the previous versions only had the $, , and symbols). Also there have been changes to how Active Frames are generated (an effort to support both "large" and "small" Active Frame sizes on the Passport ultimately didn't work, only "large" size are supported, due to limitations in the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks "Active Frames" and "Canvas" plugins :-( ) but if you want to try it out, get the BlackBerry Beta app from BlackBerry World and you should see the Beta listed in the "Available" programmes.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who tries it out.
    10-22-15 05:47 PM

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