1. Jonathan Preziose's Avatar
    ok im happy to report ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 working with bb10. to get it working you need to have amazon app store sideloaded into your phone then download the game from there. if you use the other downloaders it will not work because it cant connect to the downloadable content inside the the downloader app that google somewhere stores. but with amazon most of the app is already downloaded and it works just fine and can connect to the cloud amazon severs have. so it took me a long time to discover glu games which there games are amazing but they do not know how to promote there games at all. they really need to have a sign in with facebook built into there apps so you can back up all you info threw fb and compete with all your friends plus spreading the word. kinda like candy crush! because of that also you can not delete this game or you will loose all your info. i also cant confirm this because i havent done it yet but, supposedly if you backup your phone then when you go to restore it just reinstall the android app right away before installing anything else and it should still have your still data saved. thats something you should think about before you put really money into this game. the game is free but you can buy things within the game with real money.
    05-08-14 05:11 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Thanks for posting. Will help others!
    05-08-14 06:45 PM

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