1. sebekjakub's Avatar
    Hi, I'm using Messenger Lite (v3.1), because it has Hub notification, and for messaging I'm using classic Messenger (v25., because it has emoji keyboard.
    Emojis sent from new messenger versions are not showing, I see just blank space. Some emojis I can see in classic Messenger, but in Lite there are only black&white symbols.

    Has anyone tried to solve this issue?
    03-14-17 11:57 AM
  2. Nikola Adzic's Avatar
    Same thing with me, iv just guess what emoji it is and move on with conversation xD

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-17 01:20 PM
  3. sebekjakub's Avatar
    But sometimes I don't even know, if there is an emoji or not. One place, where I can see all emojis sent to me is FB chat in browser (or FaceSlim), but there I can't type any emojis, only stickers :/..
    03-15-17 01:12 AM
  4. sebekjakub's Avatar
    Only manually like and so on. Just wondering if there is any possibility to edit something in android settings via Ghost commander. Blackberry has runtime for android 4.3, maybe there is some trick in settings to add emoji support to view new emojis in android apps?
    03-15-17 01:19 AM

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