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    For a quite some time i was (and still am) browsing through BBWorld in search of applications that could provide content specifically targeted at residents of The Netherlands. Think of news, weather, traffic news, banking etc.
    After some time I came across very few, and felt that searching BBWorld for specific interest application can be tedious. So i decided to create this thread were i try to build app list with help of Dutch BB users. App list that will be interesting for Dutch in particular and anyone else residing in The Netherlands.
    And just to make list bit more fun lets post here "general" useful applications and games too.
    I will be updating this list as soon as i find new app or get tipped of by you!
    List will be separated in 2 (two) large groups - Native and Ports. When you post about app please also tell us more about overall quality and quality of content as well.

    ***Edit 31-06-2013
    NU.nl since kort is een native app!!!!
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    Native Apps

    NOS - bbworld
    - The latest news and sports headlines
    - Traffic and weather information

    NU.nl - BBWorld
    - Altijd het laatste nieuws
    - TV gids
    - Het weerbericht met buienradar
    - Actuele file-informatie
    - Delen

    Fokke en Sukke - bbworld
    - Every Monday till Saturday a new and topical Fokke & Sukke cartoon on your BlackBerryģ smartphone.

    Droid Ports

    KLM - BBWorld
    - With the KLM app you will enjoy having all your travel details at your fingertips. Simply plan and book your trip, and arrange lots of convenient services and comfy extras on your smartphone.
    - Flight offers: Our lowest fares to destinations worldwide.
    - Book your flight quick and easy
    - Manage your booking and your travel details or treat yourself to more comfort!
    - Check in for your flight and get your boarding pass immediately
    - Check the latest information about your journey, flight disruptions and more: also handy for collecting someone from the airport.
    - Ask questions or give feedback: Check our FAQs or call us. We are also available 24/7 via Facebook and Twitter.

    Schiphol - BBWorld
    The official Schiphol App featuring all flights and notifications. Travel stress-free.
    This is the official Amsterdam Airport Schiphol application. You can use it to see up-to-date arrival and departure information for all flights, including today, yesterday and tomorrow. You can also receive e-mail notifications about status changes to flights you’ve selected. Along with all the practical Schiphol travel information, this app gives you everything you need for a stress-free travel experience at Schiphol.

    This section allows you to see details of every flight departure and arrival, including today, yesterday and tomorrow. You can also search for flights by destination, flight number or airline.

    My flights
    When you’ve found a flight you can save it simply by selecting the ‘save’ button. You can then automatically retrieve the flight from the ‘My flights’ section. This is easy to find by selecting ‘My flights’ in the menu. Swiping the screen from right to left also displays your next flight, or you can retrieve it by pressing the icon at the top right of the app. You can also receive e-mail notifications if there is a change to the status of your flight.

    Would you like to park close to the terminal? Or would you like a good deal on parking for a longer period?
    If so, you can reserve a parking space in advance at one of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s car parks.

    Look at the latest Special Offers and reserve the product of your choice, with no obligation.

    Floor plan
    This floor plan shows detailed information about the arrival and departure halls and departure lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can search by category or for a specific shop, bar or restaurant, or simply browse through our comprehensive catalogue to see what Schiphol has to offer.

    The new menu, which you can access by pressing the menu icon at the top of the app, provides information on buses, trains, baggage, facilities, information at Schiphol, and your profile.
    We wish you a pleasant stay at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

    Rabobank - bbworld
    With the Rabo Bankieren App you can:
    - check your balance
    - view your transaction history
    - transfer money between own accounts, and pay bills

    Telegraaf - bbworld
    Follow the latest and most discussed news of the Netherlands in this special Telegraaf application!

    Autovisie - bbworld
    Follow the latest news about cars and read the test reviews of our editors in this special Autovisie application from De Telegraaf!

    9292 OV - BBWorld
    The 9292 app: your personal public transport planner for mobile!

    NUsport - BBWorld
    - Altijd het laatste sportnieuws, foto’s en video’s
    - Live scores. Uitslagen, programma’s en topscorers van de grootste voetbalcompetities
    - Een uitgebreid scorebord voor de sporten voetbal, wielrennen en Formule1
    - FC Knudde
    - Delen van nieuws, voetbaltussenstanden en uitslagen via Twitter, Facebook en email

    AutoWeek - BBWorld
    - Al het laatste autonieuws
    - Alle rij-impressies, video's en weblogs
    - 47.500 specificaties van modellen vanaf 1983
    - meer dan 2400 tests van de redactie
    - meer dan 19.000 reviews van collega rijders over alle modellen
    - Zelf reageren op nieuwsberichten
    - Nieuwsberichten delen

    Dutch Financial Times - BBWorld
    The latest financial news and realtime markets.

    NOS Teletext
    - BBWorld
    De NOS heeft een applicatie voor BlackBerry10 toestellen ontwikkeld. Met deze applicatie is het mogelijk om razendsnel toegang te krijgen tot de NOS Teletekst-pagina's, zoals het actuele algemene en financiŽle nieuws, verkeersinformatie en de sportuitslagen.

    easyJet - BBWorld
    easyJet just got easier for Blackberry 10 users with this FREE easyJet app. You can search, book and manage your flights all in the palm of your hand. Accessing your travel information on the go has never been so easy!

    TVGids - BBWorld
    - Winnaar Telegraaf publieksprijs 2012: App van het jaar
    - Genomineerd voor beste app van het jaar
    Zeer uitgebreide features:
    - Snelknoppen naar o.a. 'Nu & straks', 'Primetime' en 'Films'
    - Helemaal te personaliseren
    - Kies uit 160 zenders jouw favorieten
    - Stel je lijst met favoriete programma's samen
    Unieke film-sectie:
    - Filmtrailers
    - IMDb-ratings bij alle films met link naar de IMDb-app
    - Veel promo-video's bij dagelijkse aanraders

    Flitsmeister - BBWorld
    - Geluidssignaal bij naderen van mobiele flitsers!
    - Volledig geÔntegreerde lijst met files verzorgt door MeteoConsult
    - Integratie van trajectcontroles met signalering
    - Signaleren bij vaste flitspalen en muten van type flitspalen
    - Direct nieuwe flitsers melden en beoordelen. (Flitsers worden direct doorgevoerd en gecontroleerd door onze admins)
    - Lijst met favorieten wegen waar jouw flitsers of files op staan
    - Huidige wegherkenning
    - Meldingen doorsturen via SMS/twitter/email
    - Background support
    - Automatische nachtmodus
    - Grootste community (meer dan 250.000 active users) van BlackBerry, Android en iOS gebruikers

    Het Weer in Nederland gratis - BBWorld
    - Vooruitzichten van vandaag, vanavond en morgen
    - Vier buienradaranimaties: KNMI-radar, Buienradar, radarverwachting, Europese radar.
    - Scherpe en actuele satellietbeelden (in zichtbaar licht + infrarood)
    - Kaarten met de huidige temperatuur (ook gevoelstemperatuur), windsnelheid (m/s en bft) en zicht. In de winter ook Sneeuwdek.
    - Gedetailleerde vijfdaagse verwachting + uitgebreide-verwachting
    - Geanimeerde weerkaarten, enkele dagen vooruit
    - De zonsterkte (UV)-verwachtingen voor vandaag en morgen
    - Weeralarm + Kustalarm
    - De neerslag- zonneschijn- en windkrachtkaarten van gisteren
    - De geavanceerde ECMWF/Ensemble-Pluimverwachting.

    WTF.nl - BBWorld
    WTF.nl is een site met nieuws waar je echt van opkijkt! WTF.nl is de eerste Nederlandse online tabloid en direct verkrijgbaar als app voor je Smartphone.

    Flitsinfo - BBWorld
    - Flitsinfo geeft je een actueel overzicht van alle mobiele snelheidscontroles op de Nederlands snelwegen en Autowegen.
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    I was missing a thread like this, good initiative!
    Though Rabobank app is not native, also an android port!

    Also Dutch apps, non native:
    9292 OV - BBWorld
    NUsport - BBWorld
    AutoWeek - BBWorld
    Dutch Financial Times - BBWorld
    WTF.nl - BBWorld
    Het Weer in Nederland gratis - BBWorld
    NU.nl - BBWorld
    Flitsinfo - BBWorld
    Flitsmeister - BBWorld
    TVGids - BBWorld

    Dutch apps native (Web-app?):
    Metronieuws - BBWorld
    04-23-13 04:12 AM
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    Dank je wel mensen!

    Thanks peps!

    I have also Mijn Hi beta port.... and easyJet

    Posted via CB10
    04-23-13 04:25 AM
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    I was missing a thread like this, good initiative!
    Thank you.
    Though Rabobank app is not native, also an android port!
    That's a shame... my coworker uses it and he thought it was native... moving it to "Ports"... and updating the list. Thnx bigopti for your list.
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    Thanks for this post guys. If I see some new apps I will let you guys know. Just installed the rabobank app and it's really work great. Unfortunately it's not native but for now it works

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    04-23-13 05:58 AM
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    I just have found the official NOS teletext app in the BlackBerry world. I didn't tested it. But I just wanted to share it with you guys.


    I hope that it will be as good as the official NOS app. Because I think it is the best Dutch app at the moment.

    Witch app are you all waiting for?

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    04-23-13 10:49 AM
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    I don't necessarily need any other Dutch apps but the following could come in handy for me:
    ABN AMBRO banking app, Buienradar and the NS traveler app.

    Other than does I could really use the Mobile Voip app!
    04-25-13 06:53 AM
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    Guys just ported the ING banking android app through Goodereader (koz) and it works like a charm.

    There it is
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    05-06-13 02:07 PM
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    Could someone look into porting buienalarm. This is an app i would love to have on blackberry 10.
    09-10-13 10:57 AM
  11. Strikkie's Avatar
    Buienalarm doesn't work. Not on 10.2.
    Haven't tried it with the leaked android runtime yet

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    09-10-13 02:56 PM
  12. hxcellent's Avatar
    I would love to build apps for different languages. Translation is a huge problem though
    09-10-13 07:52 PM
  13. lpe.dejong's Avatar
    A similar app is called Buie and available via the following link
    PlayBook .apk to .bar converter search for Buie, it works fine although it gets the time wrong sometimes.
    10-23-13 03:55 AM
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    Per 1 februari 2014 werkt de officiele Rabobank app van BBW niet meer. Vandaag de app verwijderd en met behulp van mijn oude Android telefoon de APK gepakt van de nieuwe versie en deze op mijn Z10 met gezet. Duurt even voordat de app de eerste keer volledig gestart is (zeker 20 seconden) , maar vervolgens gaat het dan wel goed. Gebruik de app alleen voor saldo te bekijken.
    01-22-14 09:07 AM
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    Tip van de dag, waarom gebruik je geen Snap op 1925. Is veel makkelijker

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    01-24-14 12:02 AM

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