1. makaiman's Avatar
    Experimenting with the speed of my new Classic as well as my other BlackBerry 10 devices and was curious on the simplicity of deleting an app. Yes, by simply touching the little trash bin on the upper right-hand corner of the app it says that "all" the files associated with the app are deleted.

    Are they? Is there anywhere inside of BlackBerry 10 that fragmentation occurs when deleting an app, thus making the device (over time) run slower? Is there a genuine 'All BlackBerry' app that can thoroughly 'clean' the device after an app is deleted? Do Android apps hold the same deletion variables as do authentic BlackBerry apps? I decided to install 1Mobile which is a great .apk site. Have used it on my other devices, but got to thinking, that after installing 5-10 apps through 1Mobile, I decided to uninstall all those apps through 1Mobile, then delete 1Mobile itself and curious if any fragmentation happens or not. Obviously, in Windows on your PC, if you delete a program or app, it may well be deleted, etc., however, go into the registry and you experience a slew of keys and files well after the app is deleted.

    I've seen where 1Mobile picks up the BlackBerry apps after installation and can actually update those apps. For example, if you install "Mega" and "Skype" from BlackBerry World, after awhile and already having 1Mobile installed, 1Mobile will 'pick up' those BlackBerry World apps and update them with a new version even though they were originally installed through BlackBerry World. Same holds true for the Kindle reading app as well as another example.

    So, through time, I am curious if fragmentation occurs 'somewhere' inside the device thus making it run just a tad slower over time etc, and if so, is there one clean app that can make it clean. Maybe I am wrong if anything occurs. The goal, if after deleting an app, no matter how simple, is that any and ALL files should be wiped out as if it were never installed in the first place.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated...
    03-03-15 03:37 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I use Ghost Commander (free app in BBW) to delete Android apps. It gives a nice clean uninstall. I trust it more than the trash can icon. But alas, I have no knowledge of the fragmentation. I do know Android apps, when deleted still leave folders and files on the device memory...you can see them if you peruse it.
    03-03-15 04:02 PM

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