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    Wow, thanks.
    You wouldnt happen to have Term48 bar file?

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    I don't. If it's not a stock app, or not one that has been made available by the developer (see link), then you will not see it, as apps can't be extracted from a device.

    01-16-20 08:42 AM
  2. EFats's Avatar
    I guess based on the no response this is not possible. Never mind - I will try and use Noted or some other solution.

    There is a work-around. After you Share it as a Task, open up Remember then go INTO the task. Scroll down where it is Unfiled.
    Click on it and you can now file it to Notes instead

    I do not use Evernote but as a sort of cloudy option, I use Outlook. Remember syncs perfectly to Outlook and I can keep lists there. So far I can only keep it as Tasks but it works well enough for simple notes.
    I've been told if I had a real Exchange account that the Notes would sync as well

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    01-17-20 10:43 PM
  3. Naimisha's Avatar
    This is an interesting work around @EFats. And yes this works flawlessly. Although I wonder why it does not show the Evernote folders for selection when filing in a folder. I guess the downside with this is that the data will continue to remain local and I may not get the note across devices.

    01-18-20 10:36 PM
  4. bizzib's Avatar
    Is there a way we can set it up so that Remember actually creates a New Note instead of a Task. I have Evernote synced with Remember so it makes sense to have a note created but everytime I share a link or something I want as a note it only is able to create a Task.

    Found no clues messing with the settings too. Any thoughts?

    Pull down settings and set default view to notes - this will now create new notes not task
    Yesterday 09:11 AM
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