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    So, after purchasing this app months ago and trying to e mail the Dev to no avail, I am contacting BlackBerry App World for a refund!! $4.99+tax for a broken CL app that does NOT work and is NOT supported is too much! Seriously! Even free would be too much IMO because the app causes other apps to close and the phone to freeze? C'mon! You can't contact a customer back in over half a year especially if the app doesn't work?

    Well, to the "CEO" Nick Valentino out of Chicago, IL with 312 holdings (312holdings, "312") I (one of many dissatisfied customers) am telling you, that is STEALING and you are a THIEF! Not the other way around as you would have others on Crackberry and BlackBerry support forms believe, that the problem is (according to you), your innocent customers who support your products. They're the ones who are the problem. Right? Unknown to them, they are actually being preyed upon by none other then yourself and you view people as suckers only to be taken for there cash to benefit your selfish, lazy self! BOOM!! I said it. Cry about it, and tell everyone that's why they should believe you! ....or is there more??

    Your tactics are deceitful, your support is undependable, your application (Craigsfeed) on BB10 and BB7 BOTH, are unreliable and you yourself are untrustworthy in your field and are morally bankrupt as a "CEO" (laughs) and as a person in general. Resorting to swearing at customers(including myself),
    deleting bad reviews from myself and others on BlackBerry App World that might hurt your fraudulentand shady scheme, posting there personal information on public forms which is a breach of your agreement, and just neglecting entirely there requests all together?
    Nick acts like these are secluded incidents all the while going as far as to list an undeliverable e mail address. What a joke!

    But when it comes to racing the customers onto Crackberry or BlackBerry's forms to down talk them, your very very speedy,

    (within the same day!) aren't you? So sad. You can't even spend the time to respond, let alone fix your awful substandard work. Instead you spend what seams like multiple times the duration coming on here and defending it in your typical unresponsive, resentful, passive agressive behavior. But this is the image you obviously want for your "company."

    Well, I am here to let it be known that if anyone is considering supporting and purchasing ANYTHING from your 312inc. company to consider an excerpt taken from "Craigsfeeds" own CEO Nick Valentino's post found here...

    &quote "I'm not going to sit here and answer to someone who means nothing to me. I honestly don't need anyone's money, so if you don't like my opinions, don't buy anything from me. Plain and simple." &quote

    And yet another one....

    &quote "and if by us not giving into being extorted tells you something negative about us, you have a twisted sense of thinking." &quote

    In the last quote he uses manipulation by shaming/vilifying people who challenge him. Class act! Hey Nick, forget about "extortion" he uses psychology. (Not good enough though)

    And He wonders why people threaten him to take there hard earned money back? How would he like it if someone stole from, while lying and swearing at him?
    And then he has the nerve to post to every form (which NO ONE, not even his peers supported him in) about "evil childish customers with a bad sense of entitlement." Right. Well if you don't even "need the money" then why are you stealing it? Why is the junk you call an app still in that app store? Why have you not at least told people how to get there money back? And why is it too much work to respond to them but, not to multiple post on BlackBerry support forms and Crackberry? It seems your true colors are very apparent and you don't like it? Well if this is the only way you respond in any manner to your customers, then guess what? THIS IS HOW IT WILL ALWAYS BE? Fix it, or be a MAN and stop crying!

    In the same breath as to not be a hypocrite (a Nick Valentino if you will) I am summing up this post with the idea in which it was formed, and that is to help the people get there money back and to take action against a bad Dev.

    1.) Contact BlackBerry ( 1-877-255-2377)

    2.) They will have you go to the link below and fill out the form. You will need the order number, application name, your first and last name, email, BlackBerry pin and phone number.


    3.) Lastly, if you want to go the extra mile, you can't put in a complaint with the proper department they can direct you to so we can all make sure Devs conducting business like this will not be tolerated. If enough people who have been taken advantage of do something, it will be address. It is bad for the majority of good devs out there, bad for BlackBerry as a company and bad for you!

    P.S I included some screen grabs of many other places to find Nick at to get a hold of him on the web if you have any concerns about your money invested. Seeing as he is the "Director Of Operations" and all, he might get a little busy and forget about you. (often) So feel free to remind him of your issues about your money you invested in his company and who helps keep him in business. He likes this! Hope he does not mind anyway as it seems to be his standard. Good day folks!!

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    wow, that's a big rant !
    Besides OP and Ronald (the CB member's other complainig thread author) are others experimenting same problems ?
    03-10-14 10:29 AM
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    Yeah.. I had bought this app when I was on BB7.. It's not working on my Q10. I just messaged the dev to try and get some help and get it working. It's given a few errors. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling..

    Q10 on T-Mobile
    05-14-14 07:12 AM
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    The best Craigslist app I have used is Craig It. Works real well and has great support.

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    05-14-14 04:45 PM

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